Hour Bitcoin Is Scam! HYIP Review

This Hour Bitcoin review developed by group of professionals and presented as well as introduced by the hourbitcoin.com limited is the newest trading app to presently hit the auto trading industry. This system which to be a headstone where experience and skills are the façade, foreground of a company’s management structure where each trader  exemplifies, personifies and signifies over the past ten years trading experience declares that you as a user is safe.

We disagree with this when we first noticed there is something not right about this system and we feel that Hour Bitcoin is scam just like several others binary options trading software. They claim that they can generate, produce and help traders earn every hour but there are some major anomalies, misleading information and impossible claims that makes us believe and depict that the software is a fraud.

Before you decide and make an investment it is best that you read this Hour Bitcoin Review first. Hourbitcoin.com limited was created, established, and initiated by a group of expert and skilled traders who know precisely what it takes to profit the most from capital market at August 2015. Every trader within the group has over ten years of auto trading experience and flourishing trading records, as we know that is the primary point that supports the company profitability and stability. Bitcoin mining and bitcoin trading are the two companies involved in this system. The present members come from various scientific disciplines. However their belief in cryptocurrencies has resulted to the creation, development, formation and establishment of a program. The primary role of the company is to offer each trader the opportunity, privilege and chance to attend the bitcoin associated business and generate, produce profit easily with the powerful, influential, authoritative, persuasive and impressive system.

The primary aim of Hour Bitcoin software is to get high-yield returns as much as possible for both sides the investors and the team. The system adopts various methods of binary options trading to yield, harvest, deliver and provide returns. This system is working hourly profits for all users in bitcoin and forex trade market. The group of professionals developed high-yield intelligent software to auto trading. The system buys bitcoin at the lowest price possible and offers it at a higher price to generate more income. The company’s professional trading risk management system minimizes the potential risk and dangers and reward the trading with a high profit.

Enough on the encouraging, persuading, and enticing this scheme offers let’s get into the reality. The system is just like other scam app that is trying to steal money from new and old traders. You might be wondering how can legit and trusted software considered as scam by many. The first few paragraphs of the system makes the scheme looks as if it really works but in reality it does not. We will show the evidences and proofs as you continue reading this review.

Hour Bitcoin is Scam – Three Evidences

Hour Bitcoin software is new high-yield investment scheme. We have been watching, observing, evaluating, assessing, and analyzing this program and we have come up with this Hour Bitcoin review. Basically, we provide some time for the Hour Bitcoin high-yield after it was introduced, at the same time we investigate, observe, scrutinize and examine them and collect the opinions of users based on real experience.

Official Website | Hourbitcoin.com

For those who are still confused as to what Hour Bitcoin high-yield is, here are some important facts that you need to know. Think of a small hedge fund, where experienced, skilled and knowledgeable experts will handle your funds. Furthermore, you will get returns depending on your chosen or preferred investment program terms. The thing that differentiates Hour Bitcoin high-yield and hedge is that hedge funds provide really minimal return rates. Those who provide bigger returns are not comprehensible, user-friendly, straightforward, and affable for the wide public.

Generally, this high-yield investment programs are defined, depicted, designated, expressed as Ponzi schemes by the well-known Wikipedia, and we share the same opinion. We are trading focused also in our blog, but since 99% of Hour Bitcoin high-yield are associated to the auto trading industry, we normally investigate investment scheme. We also believe that there will be a legit and trusted Hour Bitcoin high-yield with realistic return rates in the future.

First Evidence – Not Viable Investment Plans

We can positively and surely say that the return rates with this scheme are unreal and not viable. It’s impossible for your investment for instance $1000, and then after three to four days the return is around $9000. Actually, this is only on the first plan, as you increase your plans the more ridiculous, irrational, and silly in may sound. Thus, it’s hard to support and believe this too good to be true profit. On our experience a return of 10% each month on your investment is the maximum. This is more acceptable and you can expect this is possible. Higher than the above claims are not viable and impossible to happen, not even in the near future. As we check out the product on offer are divided into four distinct packages each promising a different level of profit that may vary from 0.08% to 6% based on the account size.

This scam as hosted on its web hourbitcoin.com first off has not been able to show or featured any actual payment to show that withdrawals are made. The images presented on the website are just conclusive enough for us to conclude that this investment company is not legit and their binary options trading financial packages is not working at all.

As presented in their hourbitcoin.com website the company offers 4 distinct investment plans that ranges from 0.08% to 6%. The investment plans varies in cost – in plan A to D the minimum is $10 to $499 and the maximum is $800 to $15,000 while the I-IV the minimum is $10 to $5000 while the maximum is $5000 to $50,000. These plans are not expounded, explained and illustrated in their website so if you are new trader, you will have a hard time determining which one to choose. No matter which plan you choose the result are the same, you will not get anything from it since the system as we mentioned earlier is a bogus.

Second Evidence – The Date Hourbitcoin.com was Registered

The Hour Bitcoin software mentioned that they have 10 years of experience in auto trading industry. But upon checking using who.is a popular site checker we found out that their website was registered only last June 4, 2016, thus there is no truth about the system having many years of experienced. And their claim that they have been capitalizing since August 2015 is an absolute and definitely the biggest lie that they have committed.

Check out the comment date. How can someone post a comment three years ago when the website was only registered a few months ago? They have forgotten that people these days are more cautious on where they are investing to, so they need to be very careful.

Third Evidence – The Identity of Each Member Were Never Mentioned

The Hour Bitcoin software claims that they have a team of professional and expert traders. A reliable, trusted and legit system should be able to display these professional traders on their hourbitcoin.com website including their details and credentials to confirm their existence. But after we look on all the pages of hourbitcoin.com website we found nothing not even single information about them. This has created a big question in our mind and we doubted the credibility of the website even more. Professionals with 10 years of experience in Bitcoin are apparently well-known and they would not hesitate to display them on them on their webpage together with their impressive credentials. The truth is that these people do not exist at all and are created to attract, lure, encourage, persuade and invite traders thinking that they are dealing with trusted and legit software.

The testimonies are also not real. The images posted in their website were taken from Shutterstock, a website that provides thousands of photos and images of individuals that you can use depending on your purpose. Thus the reviews are all made up because it will be impossible for stock models to post a review which only means that the alleged developers are the ones who made up the testimonies.

Hour Bitcoin Review Conclusion

This Hour Bitcoin review proves that this software is nothing but a scam.  We have done a thorough, comprehensive and complete assessment and evaluation about the software and found out the following lies which make us believe that this scheme is a hoax. First, the investment plans are impossible and it is hard to believe. Auto trader system cannot produce such profit in a single day or week not unless if you are not losing. But it is impossible for a trader to win the trading all the time.

Second the date their website hourbitcoin.com was registered only this June 2016 but they are claiming that it has been in the market for many years. This is an obvious sign that the Hour Bitcoin is scam.

The system is nothing but a money stealing scheme. The scheme is not generating the money they are expected to provide. Third the identity of each member of the team is not verifiable so there is no way to determine whether these individuals really exist or not.

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