HFTFinance is Scam! Warning Software Review

This thorough HFTFinance review will expose and reveal the lies and deceit hidden in this hftfinance.com. We were informed about this system by our readers who want to know more about this app. It has quite convincing promotional video and promises of generating thousands of dollars each day for free. Definitely, we are dealing with unreliable company that has nothing to do with binary options trading or with any sort of investing business.

Thus, before you take further action, ensure that you read our comprehensive HFTFinance review, and make sure that you keep your money protected.

The supposed owner John Williams claims that he is the CEO and founder of HFTFinance Group a financial company that offers trading and educational services for its subscribers. According to John Williams the system welcomes those who are interested in generating money from home for 30 days, and as soon as this month ends, you will be then charged up to 3% of your profits every month, which becomes your monthly fee for utilizing the HFTFinance system. Also, John said that subscribers are producing a guaranteed $30K to $50K a month and that the application based on an auto algorithm that produces at least 2500 auto trades each day with an impressive 98.6% win rate.

We think that the industry is operating as scam software created by a team of fraudsters whose objective is to drain your money as fast as they can. John Williams introduces their latest trading scheme to the online investment market. At first glance, the hftfinance.com looks professional and trustworthy. We are here to help you determine whether a trading system is a scam even with professional looking website. Because of this we investigated and came up with this complete HFTFinance review to help you decide. This review will reveal the truth about the app. If you want to remain on the safe side of online investments you need to read this review from start to finish.

HFTFinance is Scam – Three Evidences

This HFTFinance review has blacklisted this scam and we will provide all the proof, evidences and facts to confirm our claims. It is important that we mention this fake application is being promoted by group of affiliate marketers sending great amounts of spam. Actually, that is their expertise and their links are infected with Malaware based on the complaints we received. In case you already subscribed ensure that you unsubscribe right away from getting further communications. If one thinks this application is real or legit you are wrong, and will end up paying the price. Below are three evidences that will prove this robot is nothing but a scam.

First Evidence – John William is not the Real Owner

The alleged owner/CEO John Williams is a fictitious character and a paid actor who has been hired to lie in HFTFinance. Just like other scam software, the actors are paid $5 for every 50 words. This is the reason why there are some cases where an actor is being hired by two or more scam system. Obviously, the scam robot is trying to do everything and spend some money on it, to fool traders and steal the money.

Second Evidence – $30K to $50K Profit is Impossible

The supposed owner John Williams claims that HFTFinance can help traders earns $30k to $50k a month. An amount which is impossible to achieve, not even the most reliable software can generate such amount. This is impossible today and even in the near future, particularly when we are dealing about automated software that can execute around 2500 trades in a day on your behalf. Not just that if one checks the header on top of the video frame, you will notice that they are promising that people who decide to join the HFTFinance system will be earning a guaranteed $15K a month. Thus, it is not only misleading but also not true.

Third Evidence – 98.6% Winning Ratio – A Big Lie

John Williams likewise mentioned that HFTFinance has over twelve months in the making, 500 beta testers and is being acknowledged by third party which makes the HFTFinance very powerful. The CEO claims that its winning rate is around 98.6% and it can open an average of 2500 trades daily, all of them comply with the rules and regulation of the world stock exchanges. These claims are definitely a lie and those who are living in the binary options industry know how hard it is to trade using a robot that will produce such high performance regularly.

For instance, if you prefer to work with the most experienced auto trader in the market, you will not be able to earn $800 and above a day and with 87% accuracy. Thus, if a platform claims that they can provide such outcome never trust them most likely these are scam robots like HFTFinance.

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HFTFinance Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that this robot is a scam. Thus, make sure that you read this review from start to finish to eliminate all your doubts and decides smartly. HFTFinance is scam because of the following obvious reasons, the alleged owner and CEO is a paid actor, the profit is impossible to achieve and the winning rate is not achievable.

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