Hexa Trader App is Scam! Critical Review

This Hexa Trader App review will prove that this system is nothing but a scam. Allegedly this new app was developed by Professor Rupert Connor which is the newest scam binary option trading platform in the industry. This software was released a few days ago and will try to steal your money. This in-depth review will expose how it operates to trick people and entice them to invest on it.

Through this review, you will learn how they fool people by providing information that you will surely fall. Thus, it is important that you read our thorough review first before you make further action. Understanding first how this app works is our first step in reviewing this scheme. This platform discovered how to reduce your risks and boost your rewards. The program will trade on your behalf after you provide the information needed and deposit the needed amount.

According to its developer, the platform is very effective in trading and it will help in increasing your profit. They say that it’s worth your time and money. Easy to say but there is no proof that it really does. According to Professor Rupert Connor after using the software for month, he was able to generate a good amount of money. This is an auto-trading application that is based on the latest algorithm secrets, with 97.47% accuracy. According to its developer they only trade when they are sure it will profit.

This app is 100% proven auto trading app that is verified by brokers. Quite a strong claim but again they were not able to provide proof that they are really working with certified brokers. They are also showing live trading results in their hexatrader.co website. But sad to say it’s not real. He is trying to crack the code to help people earn using the signals algorithm. Don’t be fool by any of their claims as these are all lies and we can prove it to you through this review.

Hexa Trader App is Scam – Three Evidences

This Hexa Trader App review was written with traders in mind. We are here to help you decide by providing you proof and evidences that will prove this system is a scam. They have been claiming a lot of things in their hexatrader.co website which are all lies and you should not fall for them. Aside from those mentioned above, they are also claiming that their investors are earning over $3K a day by using the live trading signals which this platform provides.

This is definitely ridiculous and not possible. Through this system you can receive real-time alerts automatically so you don’t have to spend time learning the ins and outs of binary trading. Below are some of the evidences that will prove HexaTrader App is scam.

First Evidence – Impossible Profit

Professor Rupert Connor claimed to be as the CEO of this platform and is an Ex-MIT Computational Science prof. In his speech in their promo video, he mentioned that this app is the most advanced trading system worldwide and since 2013 he and his group of experts have been generating millions of dollars consistently using the Hexadecimal Number system that they have created. He also mentioned that thru this app those who will join will generate around $1644 a day, on auto mode with 94.7% accuracy. The offer may sound enticing and impressive but make sure not to fall on this trap, and protect yourself from being fooled by these scammers. Even the most reliable and legit software cannot produce such amount of earnings each day. It’s not possible not even in the near future.

Second Evidence – Professor Rupert Connor is not Real

Would you ever believe a website with fictitious character? Of course not! The alleged CEO of this platform does not exist at all. If you search Google and other search engine you will not find any information about him. The man does not have any previous record from any university, and he is not at all associated to any investment or financial program. Also, he mentioned that the company was already operating since 2013 with lots of satisfied customers but upon checking their hexatrader.co website was only registered last month. Thus, it is impossible for the company to have successfully recruited lots of investors without an active website.

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Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Aside from having a fake owner, we also found out that those in their hexatrader.co promotional video are all Fiverr actors who have been hired to lie in front of the camera. Definitely, this application is full of lies and you should not trust them at all. There is nothing real about the program, Hexa Trader is scam  so you should stay away from it.

Hexa Trader App Review Conclusion

Make sure not to fall for this sort of fake application that have been created with only one objective to drain your trading account as fast as you deposit. Also, as we already mentioned in this review, generating thousands of dollars each day is absolutely not viable in this kind of industry, particularly with automated services that operate on auto pilot mode. Thus, there is no other option but to consider Hexa Trader App is scam software. The developer’s main objective is to victimize as many people as they can. We suggest that people should stay away from this fraud scheme.

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