HBSwiss is Scam! Trading Software Review

This comprehensive HBSwiss review will expose the lies and deception found on HBSwiss.çom. This new scam app is quite new and is allegedly developed by Hans Berger. The software was released only this March 2017.

HBSwiss claims that they can provide the member high and quick return. HB Swiss is a new scam that uses the same plàtform that most fraud software use. The only difference is the name, color, and their logo. This new system is the latest forex robot, developed by experienced ànd infamous European investor Hans Berger. But we want to warn you the person mentioned is not real and we will prove it to you in this review. His assistant is Bastiàn Hermann, his childhood friend. They design the virtual deus ex machina that concentrates on online trading.

Hans Berger had a dream of developing an automated investment software that would be the best example of what is known as Swiss hospitality and quality. Based on it’s success rate which may go beyond 87%, it only shows that he was able to do a good job. According to them HBSwiss can produce a good amount of money every day and the feedback regarding their performance has been positive. We will evaluate this matter as we continue with our review.

We find this software a dangerous scam because of the many fake claims that we see in their hbswiss.com website. We will enumerate our evidences in the later part of our review. It is important to point out that HBSwiss is a sophisticated scam from certain aspects. One is that they use actor to represent them instead of revealing their real identity.

We know right away how misleading and deceptive it is because of the insidious nature of this scam, and the kind of complaints we get. Non-payment, personal information forwarded to third parties without permission, and high fees are some of the issues that involves that use of scam software. So, before you take further action make sure that you read our in-depth HBSwiss review first. Continue reading this review to find out why we believe this application is a scam.

HBSwiss is Scam – Three Evidences

Forex is a great industry to generate money. However, this is not the case with HBSwiss scam software. HBSwiss.com is the latest in Forex trading program that was launched with the intention of stealing all your money. The truth is that they are lying all the time. There is nothing special about this app, nothing at all. The platform make up some pretty big lie when it comes to the brokers, their guarantees, the people in the video and their profits. There is nothing legit about them.

They here to trick people and empty your account. This HBSwiss review will tell you exactly how dangerous this scam is.

First Evidence – False Information

Upon reviewing the HBSwiss application, we didn’t have a hard time finding the evidences that will prove they are lying and giving us false promises. If you explore further the HBSwiss.com website in the FAQ section, they guaranteed profits of $5,000 a day.

However, they did not mention who is making this guarantee, and in case you lose your initial investment of $250 after first few minutes of trading, how can you claim the $5,000. The truth is that it is a fake guarantee. This is the primary concern with easy to get rich trading HBSwiss program at a fake binary options firm.

Second Evidence – Unregulated Brokers

The HBSwiss software is associated with unlicensed brokers, and the reason why there are lots of complaints about this system. Every novice trader should be aware that there two types of brokers, the regulated and the unregulated brokers. We recommend that you should work only with regulated brokers as they can help you win trades. Unregulated brokers normally would tell you that you have lose.

But actually, they haven’t invested your money at all. Sad to say HBSwiss is working with unlicensed brokers, thus you should avoid it.

Third Evidence – Who is Hans Berger?

 The man you see in the video introduced himself as Hans Berger. It looks like he is a Swiss. Upon investigating about this man we found out something that is very disturbing. We done a bunch of research about his background and realized that he is only associated on one company this horrible cash grabbing scheme. Hans Berger is not the real name of this man. He is a paid actor and is hired by scammers to represent HBSwiss.

Actually, all of the them appearing on the video are all paid actors, thus making this program 100% fictitious. In short, HBSwiss is a complete bogus. Also, it has nothing to do with Switzerland.

HBSwiss Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that HBSwiss is scam and you should not trust them at all. This software has a fake developer, works with unregulated brokers and is full of false information that you should not believe at all. The main purpose of this app is to trick people and steal money. If you want to earn more thru binary options trading this software is not recommended.

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