Hashtopia is Scam! Crypto Company Review

Are you sick and tired of your actual job? Are you looking at new ways of making money like Hashtopia? There is no doubt that online investment, especially those involving cryptocurrencies, have reached a high place over the last couple of months…however, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that will offer you to make money in no time, and you will earn this money by simply signing up, perhaps depositing X amount of money, and sometimes they will ask you to refer a friend or two.

Have you found a website like this? It seems ideal, doesn’t it? But did you know that more often than not these websites are simply a scam that would love to take advantage of you and take your money away? If you didn’t know then you have reached the perfect destination.

Continue reading to find out whether hastopia is a scam or not!

What is Hashtopia?

Hashtopia is a new cloud mining site where you could potentially start mining bitcoins as soon as you sign up with a bonus of 150 GH/s.

According to Hashtopia, they are the best option for when you are looking for a user-friendly portal, where you could easily make your mining process and path more accessible as it is that easy  to use and to understand. They also claim to be the cheapest investment for those individuals who are not too sure how to invest or where to invest their money.

People behind Hashtopia have stated that they would love to make things less complicated than what they actually are, and in order to do this they would like to ensure that all of their investors have the best service they could possibly have that is both free and hustle free.

And, being fair to Hashtopia, if they actually accomplish everything they claim they can, then this sounds amazing, and you should definitely sign up and start investing your money wisely…but we are here to break some bubbles and to find out whether Hashtopia is actually telling the truth about what they can do, how they do it and when will they do it.

Hashtopia is scam?

  • In their website, they claim you could potentially make lots of money by asking your friends and family to be your referrals. The percentage can vary from 1% to 6%. This is what you will receive after another person signs up with the link you have provided them or with your username. This is one of the oldest tactics that websites that are usually scams have, as they feed themselves by asking as many people as possible to sign up to their website and become active users. We have warned you before, and will do it again, do not believe in this type of website, as it is usually a scam. If you love your family and friends, stay away from this! What is more, they actually say you could also be making a 14% earning each day. How is this possible? Is it through the referrals system or something else? There are a lot of things that remain a mystery with Hashtopia.
  • Do your homework. Go online and you will soon realize how many people have been scammed by this website. This is real, we are talking about many people who have lost incredibly big amounts of money – no jokes! From the website not allowing withdrawals to be made, to simply shutting down, it seems like Hashtopia has found a way to let everybody down from that ‘’utopia’’ in a very ‘’harsh’’ way. Do not think they will pay you your money, you will not see that money back, and we are sure about that. There are, in fact, more people complaining about Hashtopia than people saying it is a successful program. And we are not here to lie to you, if you don’t believe us then have a look yourself, it is easy to find out unhappy people with the service that Hashtopia delivers…that is, if it delivers a service to you, as we are still not even sure it works!
  • Do you like to recycle? If you answered yes, then you have something in common with the people behind Hashtopia, as they have completely recycled their website from another older version of a scam, called Hashmania. They didn’t even think much in terms of what name they should choose, did they!? Please, please, please, be aware that both Hashmania and Hashtopia are scams and only offer ponzi schemes that you must avoid at all costs! That is of course, if you want to keep your money to yourself…if you don’t care about the investments you make then go ahead and sign up to Hashtopia. Now we would like to ask you, why would you invest money onto something you already know it has failed before? In fact, it failed less than 6 months ago, as Hashmania was closed down in 2018 as well. Be extremely careful with your money, especially when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies or this new world.
  • Have you met a person who is actively investing in this platform? Can you trust that person? Do you completely know whether they are telling you the truth? Many people, even those who could be close to you, can do anything for money, especially during such a difficult time as we are facing now. If you know someone who has invested in Hashtopia ask them if they have seen the money they have invested back into their accounts or if it was a completely and rubbish scam?

Hashtopia Review Conclusion

We are only here to advise you, and we definitely advise you to stay away from a scam such as Hashtopia, as we can guarantee you will lose your money! Not only they have recycled themselves from another scam but they will not act in your behalf, nor they will do anything they claim to do as stated on their website. Be very aware that this is a scam that only wants to take your hard earned money away from you.

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To date, we have settled more than 3,000 trading disputes and we won’t stop until the point that we set each and every scam out of the trading industry.

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