Hashminers is Scam! Critical Review

The internet is full of HYIP scam and here’s another one on your list. This Hashminers review will reveal the lies found at Hashminers.biz. This review was written to expose the lies and deception of this app.

We suggest that before you invest your money in this HYIP fraud site, we suggest your read our comprehensive review first before you make further action. Through this you will have an idea how to protect your money against these scams. The main goal of this Hashminers review is to help shut down this HYIP firm so they can stop stealing money from investors.

We expose fraud like this every day. Due to the unregulated nature of the Ponzi scheme and HYIP we cannot take any meaningful legal action against these scams. The better way to keep you protected from this scam is by sharing this review to others. Every person informed about Hahminers means a lost for them. Don’t get too frustrated. An investor can still earn legit money online, but you need to be very careful. HYIP is not recommended because they normally don’t last longer. All of them end up tricking people whether on purpose or they simply run out of cash. If you are already victimized by this scam continue reading this review. You will find some helpful tips that you can apply in the future.

According to the people behind Hashminers it is a high yield investment program that uses Bitcoin. With a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC you get 3.12 every day. For those who can afford higher investment, you get 7.86% for 300.1 BTC.  There is no limit for ROI, so generally the program promises that one can produce this amount for the entire duration of the program. This is definitely alarming. You cannot find an investment program that will last for infinity. The whole nature of the investment program means that will mature and expire. If a company promises you something that is not real, it is a sign that scam is everywhere.

Hashminers is being managed by a group of experts that invest in mining and other investment. They will utilize your investment to grow their business. This is similar to thousands of scams that we have exposed before. We cannot find anything in Hashminer.biz that will prove any of their claims.

HashMiners is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our Hashminers review, this fake website claims that it can help double your bitcoin within the shortest time possible. We don’t want to ruin your day but this company might not be able to pay you in the future. There is no HYIP firm that last for many years. We are sure you know the reasons why.

The succeeding paragraphs of our review will contain the evidences that will prove Hashminers is scam.

First Evidence – Anonymous Owner

The very first thing you need to look for when looking for an investment options is how reliable the owner of the site is. For Hashminers it looks like they don’t want us to know who manages and runs this firm. Similar to other scam website, we have exposed in the past, the owner and the manager of Hashminers.org has hid his identity.

We checked the website registration and we found out that it is also anonymous. We tried looking for its certification from UK but it looks like they forgot to fix it. This only proves one thing; the owner of Hashminers is a paid actor who does not want to expose his real identity. He might be running and owns not just one HYIP scam.

Second Evidence – Lifetime Earnings – Impossible

Just like what we have told you earlier, HYIP firm will not last longer. Their promise is they will provide you lifetime earnings, it is impossible. According to them the profits are computed every hour up to 3.12% daily, 5.40% daily, 7.68% daily and 3.60% daily if one invest 0.001BTC, 50.001BTC, 300.001 BTC, and 5.001C respectively. The amount you invest will depend on your savings or what you earn from your regular job. But this will not last for a lifetime. Once this company loses investors they will surely disappear and shut down their website.

Third Evidence – Instant Withdrawals – A Big Lie

We cannot find proof that they are paying their members. However, there are some who receive their first withdrawal. According to them withdrawing your money does not take much of your time except if you have problem like congested network and others. In case this thing happens, one can contact their support to help them resolve the problem. We are opposing this claim since it is not real. All of their members claim that after making their first withdrawal, they are experiencing difficulties on their second and the succeeding withdrawals. The company gives us ridiculous reasons like; your account has a problem. Sometimes they would ask for an additional deposit before they can activate you’re account again. Definitely the work of a scam firm!

Hashminers Review Conclusion.

This comprehensive review proves that Hashminers is scam and you should not trust them at all. Obviously, they are trying to trick people. The owner is anonymous, you cannot find proof on their earnings and it does not provide instant withdrawal. If you want to invest in this kind of platform make sure that you are dealing with a legit company.

If you find this Hashminers review helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

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