Guardian Angel’s Wing is Scam! Important Review

This comprehensive review will open your eyes to reality that Guardian Angel’s Wing is scam. Someone who are into trading industry has asked us to investigate on this app. To help him decide we conducted an investigation and research about this system. Sad to say, we are not pleased by what we have found out. There are lots of suspicious elements concealed in this out of the ordinary website, starting from the alleged owner Tommy Lomax, to the confusing explanation on how it works as well as the impossible amount of money that you can earn.

It seems these things are not sensible. It’s because of this why we had to write this Guardian Angel’s Wing review. We need to expose all the lies to warn the traders who at first thought that this scheme is an authentic signal provider. Also, this domain is available in different variants, and you need to know this first. You might encounter either their GAW domain or the These domains are being operated by the same online scammers, and they are out there to drain traders account.

Based on the information we have gathered so far, yes is scam. We are concerned on how Tommy Lomax, the unknown owner of this app is presenting the system to traders. He mentioned that this application had an ITM of 81%. If a trader is looking for a clearer explanation as to how the program really works, you might have a hard time finding one because there is no one.

Guardian Angel’s Wing is Scam – Three Evidences

Guardian Angel’s Wing is scam? Is being promoted online by expert scammers? If you encounter this scheme and want to know more about it, we suggest that you read this thorough Guardian Angel’s Wing review and consider the points that we will discuss.

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Based on what we have gathered during our Guardian Angel’s Wing review this app makes use of several indicators that measure vital support and resistance levels as one identifies the correction of trends. This system utilizes Stochastic, Trend CCI, RSI and a lot more to determine whether or not a possible position will help you earn if entered. The main concern with this so called strategy is that it can never assure a continuous 81%win rate no matter what they do. Also, there are some techniques that one can form out of these combined technical indicators. The technique applied by this application was not explained properly. Another reason why this app don’t work at all and is probable a scam is because the indicators get confused when the market conditions are not promising. They are not telling the truth of what is going on in the market.

First Evidence – Tommy Lomax a Fake CEO

Not because Tommy Lomax is the CEO of this software it does not make sense for him to hide from the public. Consider this is no one has ever seen his face. We tried to research for his identity in the internet and we found nothing. Also, most of his scam sites do not have promo videos. But even if it has, he only narrates without exposing his image. He is definitely hiding his true identity for fear that it will destroy his career. We also looked for him in social media and we were not able to find one. It also seems that his name is no way associated with binary options trading. Again, those who have fallen in this scam in the past have no idea about his dishonesty and fraud nature of doing business. There are lots of negative reviews and bad comments which show that this scheme signals are fake.

Second Evidences – Fake Profits is scam and the fake profit claim is not at all impressive. In their promo video it starts off that you can make around $125 in 6 minutes. Even if an investor is signing up with the best trading software this profit is not possible so better live in reality so that you don’t have to face frustration. You can check it on your own when you check out their website The accuracy is yet another big question. It is hard to predict what will happen next if one is in binary options trading. There is always that probability that you lose. Your success will depend on how you understand the market and invest in a trade. If you look at the video it says that your earnings is around 87% with this software, but it is hard to believe. The software is obviously not that accurate or is impossible to be that high when it comes to trading since the binary options is unpredictable.

Third Evidence – The Software is Free which is a Lie

What is the logic of putting up a website and creating videos if you will offer the software for free? We all know that this process requires the developer to pay some fees. If this is the case how they will be able to earn thru this system if they will offer this for free? So do not believe when a scam app tells you that they are offering it for free just to convince you. We have seen the video from start to finish and there is nothing mentioned about the process and they were not able to discuss about the deposit. Obviously, they are hiding something. If you are into trading, there is one thing clear and that is the need to make a deposit to a broker before you can start right away. The app fails to discuss the broker they are connected to. This is very vital indicator that it is a scam. They forgot to reveal the amount one need to deposit. It forgot also to mention whether it functions on automatic mode. Everything is not clear about this scheme.

Guardian Angel’s Wing Review Conclusion

This review reveals that GAW is scam and is operated by scammers who have no idea on how to generate money in this kind of industry. Thus, it does not matter what lies they would tell the people just to entice, persuade and encourage them to join, this  review was able to prove that Guardian Angel’s Wing is scam.

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