Get My Ads is Scam! True Review

This comprehensive review will prove to you that Get My Ads is scam and the site operates to steal your hard-earned money. With the recent complaints and issues involving GetMyAds it has prompted us to investigate and evaluate as to whether this is another scam or a legit one. By just merely having a peak on their website we can initially say that its another scam. But it is not enough to just say it’s a scam, we need to prove it and provide evidences.

Before we do that, it is best that we say something about the app first. Joining GetMyAds is free, after signing up with there are lots of things that is going to happen. Let us emphasize that this part is based on what the is claiming and we will try to analyze and scrutinize it in the later part of this Get My Ads review. According to the site you can turn $50 into $537 each day.

This statement is quite suspicious but let’s just check further. GMA is an advertising website that share the profit that the brings in with their members. They make use of a token to make it look legit. They give assurance to many things and none of it adds up. They are confused, first they will turn $50 to $537, and then next you will see they will let you earn $320. They are too busy to check on what they are claiming that they did not notice some inconsistencies on their claims.

Get My Ads is Scam – Three Evidences

This is the part of our Get My Ads review where we will present the evidences and proof that GMA is a scam. You might have heard of it or someone might had pitched the opportunity to you, it’s not surprising at all since their marketing team are doing their best to promote their website. It has been around in the social media lately. These three evidences will prove that you will not earn from this system.

How does GetMyAds works? This Get My Ads review will provide an overview on how this program generate income. Once you deposited $50, you can take part in their Payback Pool right away. If you bring in more customers to the company, you will get a commission in their Affiliate Program on 2 levels with a rewarding Mentor bonus. Investor can also buy Tokens to advertise. These are internal unit to purchase traffic for a campaign or website. A token my cost $50. With a Token, you can pay any products and services being offered by 40% of the token will goes directly into the PayBack pool where the customer can benefit from. The PayBack Pool is lively but since they have discovered GetMyAds it has paid out every day for every active Token. The amount of Pool depends on the number of Tokens the company has sold recently. Also, there are lots of revenue that fills up the Pool. You can buy up to 1,000 Tokens. After 3 months, you can join the Premium Partner Program.

First Evidence – Fake Identity of the Owner

The domain name was registered by an unknown on December 4, 2015. But, the real company was launched until earlier this year. According to its website the founder and CEO of the company is Frank Hanson. Upon checking his Facebook profile, it looks like that he is situated somewhere in the Virgin Islands of the United States. We also suspect that the business is being operated in the same area. Frank Hanson Facebook profile is full of marketing fluff for the business, but there is no information.
on about him. Based on his profile page, GetMyAds is a multi-million firm who was designed from scratch by this young visionary. The Facebook page is vague and there is nothing into it. The page should be a business page and not a personal page.

According to some the Frank Hanson in the past contains information about GetMyAds but now there is nothing it. Maybe Facebook has blocked the previous account and they created a new one. Actually, we found two Facebook account during our review if you search for his name. This is a clear indication that they are just creating this FB account just to make it look legit but sad to say it only makes the firm looks like another scam system.

Second Evidence – Paid Out Commissions of Over $35 Million

Aside from this, the also claims that they have paid out 35 million plus commissions. This is ridiculous claim for such a young business. Even if it has been out for a year, it is still impossible to pay such amount. There is no proof to support this claim. Based on our Get My Ads review, all they have in their website are just testimonials of unknown individuals. If the testimonials are for real they should have provided the real identity of these individuals so interested customers can check on them before joining.

Third Evidence – No Actual Products or Services Being Offered

When it comes to product line, honestly there is no products and services being offered by the company. The members are earning by promoting the website and encourage them to become part of it. Once they sell the affiliate membership to prospective investors they will get paid. This is a clear sign that the business is operating using the Ponzi scheme. As what we know and based on the reviews that we have done most firm using Ponzi scheme don’t last longer. If they cannot get new members they will not be able to pay their existing members and eventually they close up the site and be gone. And since you don’t know the real identity of its owner and its actual address, you don’t know who you will pursue.

Get My Ads Review Conclusion

Obviously Get My Ads is a scam. The evidences presented in this review are clear indications that they are operating under Ponzi scheme and it is impossible to earn and get rich with this kind of scheme. If you encounter a company that is using this scheme makes sure that you check and do some research before you invest your hard-earned money.

If you find this Get My Ads review helpful, feel free to share it with others so they will also get protected against this scam.

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2 thoughts on “Get My Ads is Scam! True Review”

  1. yes, its a scam, i bought 10 tockens and start to earn, after a couple of months it stop eraning completely and the support only say that i must read terms and conditions, where it say that the company can stop paying at any time, and thats it, i was cheated and my money stolen.

  2. This is a scam website DO NOT join this scheme. I have joined this and I cannot even login to my account anymore. Their contact email address does not work as well. It is a complete scam website. Stay away


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