Genius Profit is Scam! Critical Review

This in-depth Genius Profit review is the latest scam and is allegedly created by Professor Benjamin Grant and was released only a few days ago. This app claims that it could help you earn up to $5000 per day. Actually, is scam software that uses fraud platform just like most scams on the market. These fraud platforms differ only on their logo and colors. The first thing you need to focus on when choosing a trading app is whether it is linked to regulated brokers or not. Most fraud software links your account to unregulated brokers. Keep in mind that if you transact with unregulated brokers, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to withdraw your profit if you ask for it. In this case, it is impossible for you to file a complaint against them.

During our investigation we have found out that Genius Profit Initiative is working with unregistered brokers. It means that none of the supposed brokers recommended by Professor Benjamin Grant holds a valid regulation license from the regulatory board. In short, one will lose everything you deposit on this software.

So read this Genius Profit review first before you take further action. Trading with binary options is becoming popular these days. There are a huge number trading schemes that offers new and expert traders the chance to earn more and become rich. There is lots of trading platform available online. You need to verify them first if they are legit or not before signing up. Continue reading this review to find out if this application is a scam or not.

Genius Profit is Scam – Three Evidences

After our thorough investigation we have found out that Genius Profit is scam and the following evidences will prove that. Their introductory video, the narrator discusses being rich and the having a life you always wanted. He forgot to talk about how the system works and the technique on how to earn profits.

There are lots of reasons why Genius Profit is scam. Besides the reasons mentioned below, a trader will also see a fake countdown. The number continues to go down but when you refresh the page it will return to its original number. Other reasons why this scheme is consider as scam are as follows.

As mentioned earlier Professor Benjamin Grant invented this scam and he claims that it can help you earn $5000 per day and this is a guarantee earnings. There are things that we need to check before we proceed, first who is Professor Benjamin Grant? Is he a real person and is well-known in the trading industry? Is the profit they claim possible or they are just making it up to attract traders. All of these things will be answered as you continue reading our Genius Profit review.

First Evidence – Fake Owner and No Live Chat Support

It is very common for scam software to use a paid actor to represent them. So, it’s not surprising at all that this scheme also used a paid actor to act as Professor Benjamin Grant as the alleged developer. One of the most important factors you need to check to determine the legitimacy of a particular website is their customer service. In the case of, there is no live chat support to help you. The only way a trader can contact them is through email. A reliable website has 24 hours a day customer service to serve you but doesn’t have one. We tested their customer service and sad to say we did not get any respond at all. Obviously, this program is a scam.

Second Evidence – Fake Customer Testimonials

As we continue with our review, the customer testimonials is an important part of every software. Through their testimonials we can confirm whether this is legit or not. But in the case it looks like that the users are not real people. The features three individuals who have successfully made over $5000 on the first day of dealing. Very impressive but not true. How can someone make such a huge amout of money on their first day with Genius Profit Initiative? Not even the most legit app can do thiss. So in order to verify this claim, we check out the identity of these individuals and it looks like that they don’t exist at all. Their names are fake and the images used are stock photos. None of them has signed up.

Third Evidence – Free Membership

Another obvious indication that this app is a scam is the free membership. You can sign up for free but you cannot use it without depositing the minimum amount required. This is common to all scam application. Also the software recommends unregulated brokers. These brokers are not licensed so if you sign up and deposit your money, you will lose all your investment. Even if one makes profit, there is no assurance that one can withdraw your money. The website claims that it is easy to get started by following the 3 steps. Most of the traders would stay away from this system after discovering that the brokers are not registered.

Genius Profit is Scam – Conclusion

After our thorough Genius Profit review we therefore conclude that this program is nothing but a scam. Once you made a deposit you will lose your money and empty your account. So in order not to lose your hard-earned money stay away from this system. If you search thoroughly you will be able to find a legit app that can help you in your trading. Choose the one that offers free demo so you can test it and learn to trade profitably before a trader can start trading using real money.

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