Gemini 2 Software is Scam! An Honest Review

The Gemini 2 Software developed by Brandon Lewis is the latest fraud auto trader in the binary options market that has been designed to execute a fraud on your back. It is important that before you join this platform and go even further and deposit your savings into it, you need to read this Gemini 2 software review. Sad to say, this money generating scam scheme is going viral since their marketing team has been bombarding, attacking, flooding and blitzing the inboxes of traders sending invitations to try the latest software to help them become rich in trading.

There are lots of people who show interest in trying Gemini 2 software who are not aware of these lies behind this ludicrous, farcical, comical, absurd, outrageous and preposterous program. We are here and we have written this review to investigate, explore, scrutinize and probe this scam scheme. We want to make sure that everything is clear and apparent to you by making this review as transparent as possible revealing the lies, scam artists and misleading information. The scam artists presented in this review are paid to lie in front of a camera in exchange for a few dollars.

In the video presentation of Gemini 2 software developed by Brandon Lewis found at, Lewis introduces himself as the owner and CEO of Gemini Holdings, which is supposedly an investment firm that is related with binary options market and which produces successful buy and sell tools for years now. According to him the company has app known as Gemini which for the past 3 years it has been generating $10K and $50K consistently every day without losing any trade to its users. This review also discovered that Brandon Lewis is offering 50 free extra licenses to join his latest beta testing team before launching the final version of Gemini 2 software publicly in 2018. He is looking for random beta tester to try his new scheme. This review will answer all the questions, issues, doubts, uncertainties and hesitations you have. We are here to help all those who need clarifications, who are confused and are having trouble with binary options.

It was mentioned in their video presentation that Gemini 2 app will help investors in transacting using an innovative automated trading tool that has the ability to predict 100% winning trades every day without losing. Brandon Lewis likewise claims that if you trade using this auto trader app on complete auto pilot it can generate around $12K in a day, without pressing any keys on your PC. Another ridiculous thing that we noticed in Gemini 2 software is the fact that it can trade 24/7 which means it can trade in auto pilot 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is obviously not true and is impossible since transactions are done only during weekdays. So how come they can trade 7 days a week? As we continue with this review we will present the evidences that will prove our claim that Gemini 2 software is scam.

Gemini 2 Software is Scam – Three Evidences

You might be wondering why we keep on insisting that Gemini 2 software is scam. Actually, proving in this review that this app is just like other scam system is very easy. The website makes it easier for us to prove it. This binary options system is designed by a group of scammers with the primary purpose of deceiving and fool traders so they can steal your money once you make your deposit.

Official Website |

However, for those who are blinded by their offers this thorough, complete and comprehensive Gemini 2 software review is for you. We are here to help you in deciding whether to join this fraudulent program or open your eyes to the truth that this system is full of lies and unreal information that we have been told in their bogus presentation. Before you can start trading using this system, you will be asked to invest a minimum amount of $250 this is where your headache, disappointments, stresses and pressure starts.

First Evidence – Fabricated Brandon Lewis Story

As our review and the story continues, Brandon Lewis claims to be as one of Google’s top engineers working from their Silicon Valley headquarters when he found out that there is something that can help him make it big from the hedge funds and companies and makes him a better working man. However, only few beta testers are willing to try this amazing money generating platform and it is intended only for action takers only.

Lewis is offering a free access to the worlds no loss trading application. They have designed a new graphic user interface for the app, it includes a feature known as compound wins, and it has made the system more flexible and easy to use. The promo video in website Lewis narrates a rehearsed script regarding how it is to live a life with fancy cars, on lavish vacations, careless lifestyle without worrying. This will entice, encourage and attract you to sign up. The truth is that this platform is bogus, fraud, fake and there is nothing good about it. The promo video is full of hyped up claims, stolen images and personality, fake testimonials and profits. There is no way you can become rich with this scheme.

Brandon Lewis is a fraud actor paid by the scammers to narrate their lies in front of a camera to make the auto trading system looks real. If what he claims is real then how come he was not even listed on Forbes, nor even has at least one post about his success. His claim of being part of the Silicon Valley headquarters of Google is likewise a lie. Would you believe someone with unknown character, definitely and absolutely not?

Second Evidence – Winners are Paid Actors

The screenshot below shows the so called winners who made thousands of dollars by using the Gemini 2 software. The truth is that these individuals are paid actors who were instructed to just look as if they are really happy to win the price. They should look very convincing and encouraging to entice and lure others to join the system. To make it real the scammers even rented a Lamborghini, they also used the same images from their old scam the Amissio. It is easy to see that they have left the same dates, amounts and the content on the fraud checks. They simply changed the logos and removed the Amissio name on the shirts.

Third Evidence – No Loss 100% and 3 Years in the Market

Beside the fake winners, another clear lie is the “no loss software” or the 100% accuracy. Definitely there is no such thing as 100% accurate, it is not possible in the binary options market, and even in the global financial industry traders are losing trades once in a while and it is part of the trading industry. As mentioned above, you can trade either manually or in auto pilot Monday to Friday, but Brandon claim that you can trade 7 days a week even when the market is closed which is a ridiculous, outrageous, preposterous, silly and absurd claim making this scheme the most outlandish and ludicrous among the many scam platform.

According to Brandon they have been in the market for 3 years and have been generating a good amount of money, but wait check result. If they have been doing well for the last 3 years how come their website was registered only on May 24, 2016? Isn’t it quite confusing and puzzling that the owner claims that he has been helping traders for 3 years but is providing you a contradicting result. By the way, is a highly-acclaimed domain-age-checker tool and has been used worldwide to check on the available domains. This could be one of the reasons why if you search Gemini 2 in Google it will provide you list of scam reviews instead of supportive website.

Gemini 2 Software Review Conclusion

The Gemini 2 software is scam and this review can prove all the lies and fake information you can find if you join the system. Brandon Lewis the non-existing owner of this scheme is referred to by some as the mother of all scams. Reading this review can save your dollars and save you from being fooled by this unreliable and impossible promises about generating thousands of dollars every day. It will not happen not now and not even in the near future.

If you encounter a platform that claims to trade 100% accuracy and winning rate don’t attempt to sign up to try it or you will be sorry. There is no such thing as 100% winning rate, even the most dependable and reliable trading system can make this happen. To save you from this scam and other fake software you have to read this Gemini 2 software review from start to finish.

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