GatesWay is Scam! Trading Software Review

If you are looking for comprehensive GatesWay review you are in the right page. This binary options robot name was taken from a popular person hoping that they can attract more people.

GatesWay is scam and you should not trust them at all. They are using the name of a popular person Bill Gates. This is not legal at all. This review will provide you information about the robot. We will expose the lies and fake claims we found on their website. According to the people behind this scam Bill Gates together with Michael Yantier and Peter Collins is working together to develop the site.

Our full GatesWay review below on the project will provide information on all that is wrong with this system and why you one should not trust them at all. This crazy system based on the fake claim that this app was created under the guidance of Mr. Bill Gates – the developer of Microsoft. This is absolutely ridiculous; the man has never had anything to do with the trading apps. The fraudsters behind this project have used his name to give fake authority to their scam software.

The promotional video of the Ted Talks Conference was stolen. This was shot in 2015 with the topic “The Next Outbreak? We’re not Ready.” You can search Google to confirm. The video is interesting but it has nothing to do with the online trading. You will hear an anonymous voice over the video to mislead traders. We will prove to you in this GatesWay review that Michael Yantier the alleged project manager and Peter Collins the supposed head of testing and debugging group are fake. Don’t trust a word you hear from their promo video. It is a malicious and misleading scam that will steal your hard earned money.

Aside from stealing the identity of Mr. Gates for misleading purposes, the app is said to be working based on AI or Artificial Intelligence technology. It can work on several trades per day but they all have the $200 amount in every trade rule. This will close your account in minutes because the GatesWay is scam. Also, the feedback and testimonials are fake, they are all fabricated and everything they say is instructed by the scammers and not their real experience. They promise to help you earn $1455 every day is an absolute lie.

GatesWay is Scam – Three Evidence

You will be asked to invest $250 to start trading using the GatesWay platform. This robot will empty your account. You should be very careful and stay away from it. If you want returns there is other alternative investment program. Gates Way supposedly is a binary options trading robot developed by a group that was hired by Mr. Gates.

The scammers behind this robot said that it help an ordinary people to earn money in trading. They also claim that this software has 77% win rate, so it can help you earn around $1455 each day. As we continue with our GatesWay review we would like to present to you our evidences that will prove this is a scam.

First Evidence – Fake Video

In reality, GatesWay is an insolent scam, because it abuses not just binary options, but Bill Gate’s as well. If one visits their website you will see a video the TED Talks video with Gates. The promo video shows Gates Way as a real website, Gates really talk at TED, but it did not mention anything about the software.

The talk is about viruses and the scammers replaced his voice using someone else voice to talk about binary options software. They edited the video and add the GatesWay logo on the background.

The video is actually stolen from the TED conference where Bill is the speaker. The alleged project manager Michael Yantier narrates this part, they pretend to be the founder of Microsoft. The truth is that he is a paid actor.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Most traders are interested on what the users would say about the app. What if you have found out that they are just paid actors, would you still believe them? All the individuals that you will in their website are paid actors. It includes those who share their experience using this application. The testimonials are all fake. They were hired from Fiverr. Com and they have been seen in other scam robot.

Third Evidence – Scam Program

And last but not the least, we checked the GatesWay software, and we have found out that it has no connection with Microsot. This application was developed by scammers and is used by fraudsters only. There are lots of binary option scams using the same platform, check out some of the examples like Elite Trading Club, My Cash Method and Infinity App. We have asked real users and they all confirm that this application is losing money in actual trading.

GatesWay Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that GatesWay is scam, the project is nothing but a fraud and people should avoid it. They used Bill Gate’s name just to attract more people but they were not able to succeed because people will know the truth in this review. You can actually make money in trading, but you need to find a legit trading tool in order to succeed. But you need to check the software first before you put your money on it.

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