FxMode Review – A Scam Forex Trading

FxMode is an investment company that we considered unregulated. It promises to help you make $34 on the first day. This may sound very enticing, but the app cannot provide such income, and we will prove it in this review. We have gathered some proofs to support our observation that this is a scam and you should not trust it.

The first thing we notice about this company is that they are anonymous and may disappear any time without any warning. If you want to earn through trading, make sure that you deal only with regulated and known investment software. This review will present the evidence and reasons why FxMode is a scam.

What is FxMode?

FxMode is promoted as an automated tool that enables you to generate profit in Forex trading. The tool claims that it will do everything, so it does not require you to have prior knowledge of trading. It is supposed to provide you a passive income from financial markets.

Allegedly it can generate thousands of profits per month, which means you can earn a hundred thousand within a few months of trading. The software is not free, and you can pay either $295 per month or $1995 in a year. All of their claims are not true as there is evidence that will prove it is a scam.

How does it work?

Like other scam websites, for you to start trading using FxMode, you need to sign up and pay the minimum amount required. We are sure this company cannot deliver what it promises. Generating thousands of pips per month is only a dream, and it is not true. Even reliable software cannot provide such huge earnings with small capital. What David Vlas claim to be his earnings are not true. You can ask professional traders about this to affirm our claim. At the bottom of their website, the company mentioned that the trading results are not from the actual trading

Why FxMode is a scam?

FxMode claims to be a trading software that can provide huge earnings even to those who do not know about trading. But, the website is a big lie. Here is some proof that this app is not legit and a scam.

Unregulated software

Based on what we have learned from the past, a financial investment company needs to be regulated or licensed by the financial authorities they are operating. Since it deals with money, the company should adhere to the country’s investment laws they are having in their business.

Since the company makes the financial decision for you, they trade on your behalf in the financial market. Therefore they need to be regulated in different countries. But, there is no information about the license granted to FxMode. We know that the US government is stringent when it comes to automated trading Forex systems. They will tag any software transacting without the necessary license. You can check with the national financial regulator in your country[u1]  if you have any doubt.

Confusing statement

Their statement at the bottom of the home page is quite confusing. What do they mean by “aspirational statements only?” Does it mean that what they have mentioned about Vlas’s income and earnings are not true and are done only to motivate people or encourage traders to sign up? Why would they do the representation and tell the people that it is to encourage people to invest? Would you think a legitimate financial company would do this?  It is a clear sign that this app is not safe and reliable.

Not performing as advertised

FxMode Review

It is a must that you read every single word written on the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before signing up. In the case of FxMode, if you read their Terms and Conditions, you will notice that the company mentioned that it is upon their judgment if they will give you a refund or not. The company obviously cannot provide the passive income it claims to provide.


There is no doubt, FxMode is a scam. The evidence we have collected proves that the website was developed to encourage people to invest. Once they have enough money on their account, the company will close out without any notice. Sometimes they will put up a new company to steal money from the investors. If this software has victimized you, feel free to share your experience with us.

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Is FxMode safe?

No, it is not safe to sign up and invest your money in FxMode. You will lose all the money you deposited in your funds.

What is the minimum amount I need to deposit to start trading in FxMode?

You will see on their website that there are two ways to invest. One is by depositing $295 monthly, and the other option is to pay $1,995 for one year plan. But, we have warned you, do not invest in this platform because it’s a scam.

How much can I earn if I invest my money in FxMode?

You will earn nothing since it is a scam. You will lose all your investment to them.  

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