FXbitcoin is Scam! Warning HYIP Review

You are reading this review because you want to know if FXbitcoin is scam or not. We are sure you are one of the many people who want to learn how to earn more money online. If this is your reason why you landed on our review, you made the right decision.

Our in-depth FXbitcoin review will open the eyes of many people who are interested to invest bitcoin. Before going into details why we consider this app as scam, we will first give you some information about it. FX bitcoin is just like other scam software, it uses algorithm that is not working and promise their members to help them increase their earnings but failed to provide.

Let’s discuss first what is FXbitcoin and how it works. The system website is fxbitcoin.net and it contains everything you should know about the app. But let us warn you not everything they claim is real most of them is lies. FXbitcoin.net offers various investment plans and supposed to provide high ROI. Sad to say they were not able to provide their members such earnings. They target countries like South Africa, North Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia and India. If you already lose your money from this scam, you can also share your story so others will get protected from becoming a victim.

FX Bitcoin is a high yield investment program or HYIP, supported by forex trading, and putting money in different funds and activities. As we continue with our FXbitcoin review we will explain why we consider it as scam. The first thing you need to know about it is that the business is not legally registered. However, not all registered businesses are legit. There are still some that are registered but works illegally and was designed to trick people. FXbitcoin.net has been online since December 2016, which is around a month ago. Thus it is new only in the industry, thus it does not have much story to judge.

FXBitcoin is Scam – Three Evidences

We suggest that before you make further action, it’s a good idea that you read our comprehensive FXbitcoin review first. FXbitcoin.net offers different investment plans, after you choose your preferred plan, they will ask you to make a deposit. After they receive your payment the next thing you need to do is to wait for your earnings to come in. You can withdraw your earnings through the different payment processor the app is recommending. They are working together with Payeer and bitcoin, which means you can fund your account using USD or bitcoin. Quite impressive isn’t it?

Again this FXbitcoin review is written to warn our readers who are interested on joining FXbitcoin. Stay away from this scam.

First Evidence – Misleading Information

Let’s evaluate where this money comes from. Accoding to fxbitcoin.net their team of financial experts specialize in Forex trading as well as in putting your money in different activities. For a newcomer in this kind of industry, you might have some confusion as to what they meant by this statement. Forex trading is the selling and buying of different currencies on the foreign exchange markets. Through this one will earn when the selling price goes up, higher than the purchasing price. It is a profitable industry, but it does not clearly explained what they meant by investing in different funds and activities. The truth is that it is a meaningless explanation that is useless and will not at all makes the system trustworthy.

If FXbitcoin is that successful at generating money through your investments, they should not have any problem telling the people what the statement really means.

Second Evidence – Launching Date

How come their starting date indicated in their website is 17/6/2014 when upon checking at who.is the date fxbitcoin.net was registered was on 12/20/2016. This is a clear indication that the FXbitcoin program is a bogus and you should not trust it at all. This is probably their way of attracting people to sign up. Those who have been in forex trading and knows HYIP are aware that it does last longer in the market. They either file for bankruptcy or simply close down without informing their members.

Third Evidence – Unknown Owner/Developer

Another red flag is having an anonymous owner. If you check out their about us page, FXbitcoin did not mention who is the owner, developer or their CEO. Also, nowhere on the site they mention the owner’s name or the team’s name that is part of the skilled team. Would you trust your money to a stranger who refused to divulge their identities or give their name? Definitely not! No one would trust someone with their money just because they tell you their experts on their field. If they cannot provide proof of their success and their real names, do not trust them at all.

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FXbitcoin Review Conclusion

If you take into consideration the above evidences we presented in this FX Bitcoin review, obviously fxbitcoin.net is scam. We forgot to mention that this software does not have Facebook group where interested traders can read real comments. The red flags enumerated above are enough indications that FXbitcoin is scam and you should not trust them at all.

If you find this FXbitcoin review helpful to you, feel free to share this with others so they will have a better understanding on what a scam application looks like.

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