FX Sniper is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive FX Sniper review will reveal the lies and deception hidden in FXsniper.co. The software developed by Simon Reed is a scam, and we will prove it in our review. Their website has simple scheme, no app, no automated trading platform or software.

Actually, there is nothing at all aside from a sale page that claims to be a Forex app but the truth is it’s an integrated binary options brokers. You will be exposed to a very attractive sales pitch by an actor who has already featured in other scam software like Profitball. There is no difference between these two platforms and it does not have any secret strategy.

The website contains lots of hype which is utilized to mislead, manipulate, and deceive you into joining and fund a trading account using an offshore broker. As we explore their web page we cannot find anything real about this site and trading app. Their marketing team is doing their best to promote this platform and they have been sending spam emails with affiliate links. If you happen to receive one, never click on the link and don’t forget to unsubscribe right away.

According to Simon Reed, FX Sniper can help you earn $2,000 per week profits, but be careful and read this review first before you make another step. This sub-par level automatic trading scheme is not a dependable tool for traders. Just like the rest of the scam software, it is a money sucking application. The system can detect senseless trading platform. Read this review before you invest your money.

FX Sniper is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our review we will reveal what FX Sniper has in store for you. They promises to give you $2000 profit per week, how they will do it is not explained well but we will try to expose that there is actually nothing going on there.

It was mentioned earlier that FX Sniper is somewhat similar to Profitball Scam. Because they both feature the same actor only they uses different name. This is common for scam websites to use actors because they do not want to reveal their identity. This Simon Reed app is a signal service that offers all the features and tools designed to produce money for you with FXsniper.co web page. According to them they are team of experienced traders who have managed to become successful online and improve their profits and winning rates.

This review will present to you the evidences that will prove this is a scam and traders should not trust them at all.

First Evidence – Who is Simon Reed?

The alleged developer of this scam introduces himself as Simon Reed. According to him he can produce $100,000 easily within a few months by simply using the system he developed. The supposed Simon Reed is a paid actor is also seen in other scam website. You can see in the image above, the same person who also claims as the owner of the software. According to him he can help you get out of your every day jobs and live the life you wanted to have. We have heard of these claims many times and we don’t believe it.

Second Evidence – Fake Result

As we continue with our FX Sniper review, we find the evidence of success presented to be false and there is no actual trading in the presentation. The truth is that the result is showing a Meta Trader 4 Software platform using a meaningless frame. The new members will not view the exact same screen but instead a web-based platform. This is a normal scam technique considering they cannot show the real trade demo because of their low-quality algorithm.

Thus, we can clearly say that this is not legit software. The bank balance deposits are clearly a fake snapshot with impossible date. You can check that the website just got online last March 9, 2017. How come they were able to post a transfer dated March 17, 2017? Another obvious lie, is when Simon Reed claims that he is profiting with the program for years.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonies

People depends on testimonies when deciding which trading program will help them generate more money fast and easy. But it is a different story when it comes to scam platform. This system looks like just other scam app that uses fake character and buys stock photo so they can use it in their testimonies page. Obviously, by just looking at the image above, you know that this platform is just like other scam.  The photos were taken from stock photo and these individuals are fictitious. Another sign of a fraud system.

FX Sniper Review Conclusion

We therefore conclude that FX Sniper is scam and we have proven this in this FX Sniper review. We don’t have to explain it further, the evidences are enough to prove that it is a fraud. Keep in mind that you should never entrust your money to a program with fake developer or CEO. A legit app always mentions the name of the individuals behind their software and they are proud. The fake results and testimonies are clear indication that we are dealing with a fraud system. If their offer is too good to be true, don’t believe them.

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