Fx Revenge is Scam! Warning Review

This is comprehensive Fx Revenge review will expose the lies and deceit hidden in fxrevenge.net. We have reviewed lots of fake software but this one is very obvious that it is easy for us to say that FxRevenge is scam. This review includes the evidences why we consider this program as scam.

Even by simply visiting their website, you can easily say right away that this system is a fraud. But before we continue with our FXrevenge.net review we would like to discuss first how the system works.  Let us warn you first, FX Revenge is scam so make sure you will not get fooled by this fraud app. Do not trade using this software.

As we continue with our Fx Revenge review, we would like to inform the forex community why they should not trade with this system. First and foremost, this software was allegedly developed by Robert M. Parke, or Dollar Bob. According to him, his program can help traders earn up to $2621 each day. If you try to search for Robert M. Parke you will not find anything about him in the forex market. If he is really that good in trading as what he claims in his promo video at fxrevenge.net, then his name should be popular in trading forum. Unfortunately, his name is unknown in the industry. Based on the different reviews that one will find online about this system, it looks like there is nothing good about it. Most of the reviews are negative and it seems like this is a binary option scam, and not a forex trading product.

Fx Revenge is Scam – Three Evidences

Our primary purpose of having this Fx Revenge review is to prove to you that this website is only after on the affiliate commission that they will get from unregulated brokers. We have found out that they are working together with broker Toroption which is a non-licensed binary options broker. The story narrated in their promo video is just a fairy tale. They only need you to deposit the money and that’s it. This robot is a crap.

Based on our FX Revenge review the platform applies is the same scheme being used by many scam websites. The very first thing that one will notice when you visit fxrevenge.net is the phrase “Dollar Bob shares his secret for making $2621 every day.” This phrase is too good to be true. It is impossible for any scheme to be able to achieve such profit by simply copying how the successful traders trade. Keep in mind that there is no two trading alike.

Most scam software today are encouraging people to mimic how successful traders do their buying and selling but they were not able to provide proof that the app is actually working. The truth is those who invested money on this software are losing their money. This sort of scam never talks about trading. It’s because the developers have no idea how trade is actually done. So they only tell traders how great their products are without providing the actual process.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonials

As you scroll down fxrevenge.net website you will see the images and videos of the allegedly happy and successful users. As you read their testimonials according to them they are making money using this system. They are liars. These men are actors from fiverr.com. If you need someone to talk about your product and lie about it, you can hire them easily. See the proof above.

One of the testimonials state that he didn’t believe it at first, but still tried it. He was happy with the result and he has earned enough money by simply using FX Revenge. However, he did not provide any proof that will back up his claims. No trading statement, no screenshots of MT4 charts showing various trade setups and no myfxbook accounts.

Second Evidence – Impossible Profit

Earning $2621 every day is too good to be true. If this is real then all those who are using the system can become a millionaire fast. Again there is no proof to back up this claim. They should have shown something that will make people believe that it is really working. The alleged developer said he will share his secret once you sign up. The truth is there is no secret to share with others. The scammers behind this app simply made up that statement to attract people and encourage them to sign up. This software is empty and you will get nothing from it. Keep in mind that you should stay away from program that offers higher profit.

Third Evidence – Fake Owner/ Developer

The alleged real name of Dollar Bob is Robert M. Parke, the developer of this scam software. You have probably seen the video and have read the text narrated by him. He claims to be an expert on trading and he encourages people to mimic his strategy so they will earn what he earns. It looks simple and easy by the way he discusses it. But who is Dollar Bob? The scammers behind this app were not able to show his image. Would you trust a website with unknown owner, definitely not!  The identity of Robert M. Parke is questionable. It seems like this man is a fictitious character.

Fx Revenge Review Conclusion

Our complete review proves that this program is a scam and people should not trust them at all. The fake testimonials, fake owner and impossible profit are indications that Fx Revenge is a scam. It is a proven fact that you can earn more with trading especially if you are doing it with the help of reliable software.

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