FX News Robot is Scam! Real Review

This complete FX News Robot review is written to protect investors against scam. It is one of the newest Forex trading software that was launched recently and claims to be the best automated trading software that you can use. They are bragging about their million dollar income proofs with a promise to provide you income up to $15,000 in the next month. Unfortunately, during our investigation we have found out that this software is a scam and we will show the proofs in this review. Actually, it’s not surprising since most of the software being launched these days is scam and thus traders should be very careful.

According to them signing up is “for free” but as you continue reading this FX News Robot review one will find out why we disagree on this. This software does not work at all and we will also reveal it here in this review. The scammers behind this scam app are offering an exaggerated income and we will explain why we say this. So let’s continue with our review.

One can sign-up for free. However, after you have provided them all the information required, the traders will be asked to make a deposit of $250 to start trading. Therefore, you can use the software not unless you make a deposit. According to these scammers the money will be distributed into trades and hope you will win some trading to earn some dollars. But how this system really works? There are three steps you need to complete before someone can use this app. First, you need to register, then make a minimum deposit of $250 and then let the robot trade on auto mode. The question is does this system really works? To tell you frankly, this system is nothing and has only one objective to attract more people to join and to steal the member’s funds. This is the reason why there are lots of people who loses their first minimum deposit on trading.

No one can predict whether one will win or lose in certain trade. If someone or an app promises you higher percentage of winning don’t believe them. There is a possibility that it’s a scam. Trading is either up or down. If the robot guesses it right, the user will earn a lot from it, if it does not you will lose your money. The software wants to show you in their FXNewsRobot.com website that it will help you earn a lot by using this robot. But the truth is that there is a possibility that the user will lose everything he deposited.

FX News Robot is Scam – Three Evidences

In this FX News Robot review we will show you evidences that will prove this software is a scam and you should not trust them. They claim to be automated software for trading but actually they are not trading at all. Allegedly, they claim that the traders will make more money and trade like a pro by using the system. If you look at the results in their fxnewsrobot.com website you notice that the app is very profitable. But the question is the result they have provided real or fabricated.

 The succeeding part of this review will present to you the proofs that FX News Robot is scam and you should not trust it.

First Evidence – Scam Software

This review wants to reveal the truth and unfortunately we find this robot a scam and it will empty your trading account and lose everything you have deposited. It makes use of dirty tactic to achieve its goals. According to the developers, this robot is for free and it has a demo that will show you how much you can earn with the help of this app. The only problem is that this program is a fake. The demo uses fake trading prices, so the income it produces are absolutely fake and would not happen in reality. If you are new in this industry, one will easily get fooled by this robot. So, expect to lose your money. This system uses White Label, just like other scam software. Check the image above, you will notice that Option Robot, Automated Financial Markets, and ProBinary Bot uses the same system they only differ on name, color and logo.

Second Evidence – Unknown Developers

Would you trust someone who is a complete strangers? FXnewsrobot.com did not mention anything about the developer of the system. Its either they thought it is not important at all or they intentionally did not mention the real owners so people will not know who to pursue to. This is common to all scam binary options robots. If one encounters a platform with unknown developers, stay away from them as there is a higher possibility that it’s scam. Also, one of the basis of being a legit app is having a reliable owner. So how you will be able to know if it is legit or not if the developers are unknown.

Third Evidence – Expired Registration

As we continue with our investigation we have found out that this software has expired registration. Actually, it expired last March 19, 2016. So, how come they can still operate and their fxnewsrobot.com website is still up and continued to victimized traders. They don’t care at all if their registration is expired or not. What is important to them is that they were able to convince more people to sign up and they were able to collect more money from them.

FX News Robot is Scam – Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that  FX News Robot is scam and you should stay away from it. If a trader wants to try binary options to find out if you can really make money, make sure to do it using legit free demo software with a regulated broker. A legit program always offer free demo, so traders can test and see how profitable it is.

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