Fx Master Bot is Scam! Trading Software Review

Fx Master Bot has been around some time now, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that they became a powerful force inside of this cryptocurrencies’ world. What is so different about it, apart from its name, is that it actually looks good and it looks as if you could easily make and earn all of that money…but is this really the case?

It also makes it different the fact that if you are an investor then you could easily connect to a variety of CySEC and ASIC regulated Forex Brokers. But does this even mean anything to you? Or they have simply invested too much money on good website designers that have made their website look incredibly real and credible?

Continue reading our FX Master Bot review to find out whether you must take your money away from this scam or if you should at least give it a small try!

What is Fx Master Bot?

We do have to agree on something though, it is very interesting how Fx Master Bot has come up with the idea of implementing three levels of users: You are either a Novice, Expert or a Master in regards to trading and cryptocurrencies. So, your trading knowledge will fall into either of these three categories.

If you are a trader you could possibly decide between signals mode and automated trading mode. If you are a novice and you decide to use the automated mode, then chances are all of your investments and trades will be decided for you. However, if you are in signals mode, that is you are also a Master at trading, then you will decide where and when you want to place a trade.

According to Fx Master Bot’s official website, they say they offer a free software that allows you to trade both binary and forex options. This is great, no doubt about it, as there are not that many softwares in the market that allows you to do these two types of trading in one go…which it almost sounds as if it’s too good to be true. So in other words, you will not need to open up several accounts because you could simply do every trade under one single account.

And the people behind FxMasterBot are so nice that they even allow you to try out their demo account where you will be able to see how all of their tools and features work..for free, before you really sign up to the paid version of this software.

Fx Master Bot is scam?

In short, yes, Fx Master Bot is scam, and a very dangerous no legit software. Now we are going to expose four evidences.

First Proof – Profits

Do you know anybody who has earned money with FxMasterBot? We ask because we are curious. Especially when a website kindly asks you to place money in your account, and depending on the amount of money you place, you will receive either a Novice ($250) , an Expert ($500) or a Master’s ($1000) sign and account. So, let’s be clear about this, $1000 is a lot of money to lose.

In fact, it is quite a lot of money to simply deposit onto something you are not too sure it will work out…Can they guarantee you that you will receive this deposit back in a matter of time? No? Then reconsider joining this trading app.

Second Proof – Demo account

Even though they offer a free version of the software, this is only for you to see how it would be to invest and trade with Forex Master Bot. In reality, the trading is very different as you will be have to make an upfront payment of at least $250. And not only this, but if you make a quick online search about FxMasterBot you will read many people arguing about how the demonstration of the software is not completely accurate in terms of how much money is being invested and how much money is being traded.

So, do ask yourself if you want to do businesses with someone or something that does this.

Third Proof – Configuration

We too think that Fx Master Bot software is more advanced that many other softwares in the market, especially in terms of customization. But this could also go both ways, as some new traders may find themselves with a very big variety of choices they must configure for this software to truly work. What if you do not know anything about configuration nor trading? You will have no saying on your behalf.

Fourth Proof – Withdrawals

Another thing we have noticed is that you will not find information, nor tutorials on how to withdraw the money, once you finally get it? Doesn’t this look weird to you? Let’s say FxMasterBot is a legitimate way of trading and it actually works and earns you the money.

How are you then suppose to take it out of your account and send it to your bank account if they do not give you the option? Would they ask you to re invest it? What if you don’t want to do this? Definitely Fx Master Bot is scam, after reading our review the conclusion is clear. 

FX Master Bot Review Conclusion

Our first conclusion about our Fx Master Bot review is that if you are a novice trader, then chances are you are going to lose money and this is especially true if you decide to use the automated trading software as your risks of losing money are higher than ever before. Even if you do know how to use management features that will allow you to not lose money, you will still lose money, just not that much. It is how their system has been designed, they want you to lose money either way.

In any case, there are other more satisfactory and secure ways of investing your money, instead of using a robot that will surely make you lose money. You just have to find out what you can do to invest, trade, and be profitable.

We know times are hard and making money online seems like a good option, and it definitely is, but make sure you invest on something you are proud of, and something you know really well. No doubts, Fx Master Bot is scam, read our scam reviews first before giving money away!

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