FX Heavy Hitter is Scam! Critical Review

We want to introduce you to a new forex trading product developed by Dan Knight but we are not recommending it. The FX Heavy Hitter is scam and we will prove it to you through this comprehensive FXHeavyHitter review. We have reviewed thousands of scam software and we will not stop doing this until all of these scam programs are all gone.

According to Dan Knight he works as a managing director of a hedge fund in New York and mastered the forex trading industry and revealed what was hidden on it. However, we cannot find the detailed explanation about it on their Fxheavyhitter.com sales page. The actual location of the company was not indicated in the website. But they have provided an email add where you can contact them.

Our in-depth FX Heavy Hitter review will prove that this system is a scam traders should not trust them at all. We think that this trading robot is trying to pay homage to the past sales pages that have long been gone. We are informed that we can have access to this program, which is the similar technology applied by this trader to more than 1.7 million before he was 30. This does not make any sense, why the app manager would be involved in this industry.

According to Dan, he is giving access to this program to 200 individuals who can sign up right away and pay the minimum fee of $39. He further explained that the forex industry is a dynamic and unpredictable market. The best thing to do with it is to trade it. This is the best way to earn money using forex. Dan continues to insist that he has the knowledge and trained in almost all the trading techniques used by well-known traders of the past.

FX Heavy Hitter is Scam – Three Evidences

In this part of our FX Heavy Hitter review we will show you why we consider this a scam and you should not trust them at all. As mentioned above fxheavyhitter.com trades using forex. The alleged developer is trying to convince people that he is a veteran of hedge fund and has developed this semi-automated trading app. The fraudsters behind this scam claims that it has an 87.63% winning rate with a 9.83% drawdown.  Sad to say all of their claims are not real and we will prove it to you.

This software is an amazing forex trading system according to the people behind this scam. The application uses high leverage and a huge number of short-term trades to increase the account balance steadily and offers the best complement to the Main System. They further claim that this is not a robot, so one will be able to control it and you will know how to place your trades on best way to get rich. At first, Dan Knight plans to make the application available only to investors who can afford the minimum amount of investment of $10,000. But because of enormous request to make it available to many he offer 200 slot to those who will sign up right away.

First Evidence – Dan Knight is a Fake

If you visit FXheavyhitter.com you will notice that it contains story about Dan Knight and how he becomes an expert in this industry. Really, the entire concept of this software and its reputation is based on one man only. This is a big question mark since the image of the character is actually taken from another website. In the other picture the man’s name is Shawn Wayne King. This is definitely a lie and can cause their credibility and the product itself.  This only proves that Forex Heavy Hitter is scam and the character is fabricated to make fxheavyhitter.com looks legit. Would you still trust software with fake owner? Definitely, not!

Second Evidence – Ridiculous Trading Result

This ridiculous result is one of the reasons why we think it is a scam. It looks like they are trying to impress new traders by providing impossible result. The result provided is only a screenshots that gives little to no proof at all. The result is crazy and unbelievable. They never provide us the real access on the actual result. The results are fabricated and is edited using Photoshop or is taken from another more profitable program. There is nothing in the results that connects what is being shown to people and the indicator itself.

Third Evidence – Fake Available Slots

According to Dan Knight, the supposed developer, the system would be available to 200 people with minimum deposit of $39. But the slot is almost full and you need to act fast. If you will not get access with it now, they will required you to pay the minimum amount of $10,000. Which an ordinary trader cannot afford. If this system really works, then why until now there is still spot available. They are doing this to pressure the people to sign up right away before they will realized that they are being scammed.

FX Heavy Hitter Review Conclusion

Definitely FX Heavy Hitter is scam and people should avoid this. This complete review proves that it is not a legit site. We have written this review to warn people and help them protect their hard-earned money. If you have plans of investing your money in this kind of software, make sure you are dealing only with a legit application.

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