Forex Maverick is Scam! Real Review

This Forex Maverick review will reveal how this system operates and what makes us think that it is a scam. developed by Frederick King is the latest trading software for Forex CFD trading. It was released a few days ago, February 9, 2017 to be exact.

As you continue reading our Forex Maverick review, we will reveal the many issues involve in using this program. One of the major problems that we discovered about this application is that there is nothing into it. The promo video features Frederick King and another woman using the software, but this part is unclear to us. After signing up with the system, you will be assigned to unregulated forex broker that is located somewhere in Europe. These are indications that we are dealing with a scam so make sure that you read our review from start to finish before you make further action.

These scam programs are everywhere and you should know how to determine which are legit and which are not. You need to be very careful when it comes to choosing and trading with any of these. Trading is easy using these systems but withdrawing your money is not that easy particularly if you are dealing with a fraud app. That is why we always recommend that one should read review about the software before dealing with them. Your question is whether you can trust this program or not. Our answer, Forex Maverick is scam and you should not trust them.

According to Frederick King, the alleged developer of this software, he can make help earn up to $100,000 by using his app. Based on their promo video, he belongs to the trading industry and he has many years of experience on it which makes him very skilled on the industry. We tried to check the authenticity of his claim. What we discovered makes us believe that it’s a scam.

Forex Maverick is Scam – Three Evidences

This software is just another scam and this review will prove it to you. We already mentioned some of the issues that involve this program. We know it’s not enough, so we will provide some evidences that will confirm our findings that it is a scam and you will get nothing into it.

As we continue with our review we will discuss to you how the system works. After you provided all the information required to the sign up form, the things that will show up on the screen will convince you that you are dealing with the right application. You are not aware that you are being fooled by these scammers. We tried to find out how the system can help you earn $5000 per day but we found nothing. Obviously, they do not have any real platform they will use in trading.

As you continue reading our Forex Maverick scam review you’ll know the reasons why.

First Evidence – Who is Frederick King?

We mentioned earlier that we have discovered something about Frederick King. We are sure you have guessed what we meant by this. After our thorough investigation we have found out that there is no person by the name of Frederick King. He was lying when he said that he is connected with Wall Street or with the trading industry. We have checked all the social media sites and we found nothing. He is probably a paid actor and was paid to lie in front of a camera. This man is a fictitious character used by the scammers behind this system to represent them.

Second Evidence – Fake News

Would you believe someone that posted fake news about the website? Definitely not! They presented a news article on their website to make it look legit but these are all fake. These are supposed to be news headlines but they are not. If you click on them, they will lead you nowhere. Also, they are rewritten depending on what country one will be accessing the website. So, definitely these Forex Maverick news headlines are fake.

Third Evidence – It Is Not Free

Another interesting claim is that one can start earning right away by just signing up and creating an account but it not how things turn out to be. Signing up is free. But you cannot use the system not unless you make an initial deposit of $250. According to them the money will be given to the brokers. But as mentioned above these are unregulated brokers so do not expect that you will be getting the earnings that they have promised. You have no other option, even if you don’t want to work with the assigned brokers there is nothing you can do. This is a clear indication of being a scam platform. All the profits that one will see in your account are not real, you will not be able to access them at all. Withdrawing that money is impossible, it is either they will make excuses or simply close your account.

Forex Maverick Review Conclusion

The signs are clear, the motive of creating is to attract more people and steal their money. Our review was able to prove that Forex Maverick is scam and people should not trust them. Clearly Frederick King does not exist at all. The man on the video is just a representation of the scammers. Those who are into trading for many years know that earning $5000 a day is  impossible. Moreover, there is no such thing as free app.

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