Floral Investment is Scam! Investment Company Review

This is a comprehensive Floral Investment review that will reveal the lies and deception. Most of the review sites are not honest about this high yield investment program. They will encourage you to sign up with their affiliate link so they can get a commission.

Never fall on this trap. Floral Investment is a scam and we will prove it to you in this review. We have included in this review the evidences that we have gathered during our investigation that will prove that floralinvestment.com is scam and they do not invest in flowers. But before we continue with our review, it is best that we discuss first how the system works. Also, we will analyze where they will get the money to pay their investors and what kind of investment they are engaged with.

Mike Hoffman’s Floralinvestment.com is a floriculture investment where you can invest your money and earn daily profits. The company offers investors a unique chance to invest in the expanding industry of flowers. Their claim is that they love flowers and are engaged into this business. But during our investigation we have found out the firm is not engaged in any floral business. They are lying when they said that they love flowers and they make money by selling them. So what is actually floralinvestment.com? It’s a HYIP scam with only one thing in mind to encourage as many investors as possible to sign up. They put up a cover story to show how successful and experts they are in trading flowers on an international setting. This is not at all true.

FloralInvestment is the latest scam app with no legit investment license. The company was not able to provide a single proof they are earning with flowers. A true investment firm must be able to present their portfolio of wins and losses. Never trust a company that does not present their statistics. Some people are duped into investing on it because they see a lot of user reviews on their site. As you continue reading this review you will find out why you should not trust these reviews. There is no proof whatsoever that FloralInvestment.com has ever made any money with flowers.

Floral Investment is Scam – Three Evidence

People are buying flowers all over the world as gifts every day and it look like that it is one of the most stable and profitable industry today. Mike Hoffman claims that investing in floralinvestment.com is different from other online opportunities that you have seen online. It’s not investing using currency fluctuations or others like binary options it is investing in actual and genuine produce in demand.

This may look encouraging but the truth is the company never invested on flowers. They simply collect money from people and use it to pay the earlier investors. The firm has written this Floral Investment review to prove that it’s a scam and you should not trust this firm.

First Evidence – Mike Hoffman – For Real or Fake

Mike Hoffman is the alleged senior vice president of floralinvestment.com. If you watched the promo video in their website, your first impression is that you finally found a legit investment program. Actually, that is what they want you to think. Through this review we will be able to warn you that this supposed to be senior president is an actor from fiverr.com. He is being paid to act in front of the camera and make those lies. The establishment is doing this to make the business looks legit. Aside from this there is nothing verifiable and valid about Mike Hoffman. He does not exist at all. The identity of this man is fake to represent the scammers behind this firm.

This is not surprising since 99.9% of scam websites use fake names and actors to make the establishment real to you. The sad fact is that there is no authority that gathers information, monitors and investigates HYIP.

Second Evidence – Fake Investment Plan

The floralinvestment.com offers three investment plans. We have mentioned it earlier that the company does not invest on flowers. FloralInvestment is doing this to gain your trust and steal your funds. There is definitely no evidence that will prove that this business has ever invested a single penny in flowers. If you check out the Floral Investment plans above one will notice that the profits are extremely high with a short maturation period. This is normal for a high yield investment plan scam. Their main objective is to lure you in with promises that are hard to believe.

So there are lots of people who get victimized to this trap, and these scammers are producing millions each year. We suggest that before you entrust your money to any of these websites make sure that you read our scam reviews first.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Just like their fake senior vice president, Mike Hoffman, the user reviews you see on video are all fraudulent. These are all actors from fiverr.com. They claim that they produce a huge amount of money but the truth is their not. There are lots of complaints from people who have lost their investment. Some have lost only a few hundreds but others lost over $1000 each.

Floral Investment Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Floral Investment is scam, this company is not legit and you should trust them. One of the reason why we consider this firm as scam is the fact that they don’t actually invest on flowers on the contrary of what they claim. Other indication that it is a scam is having fake testimonies and fraud investment plans.

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