Flexibit is Scam! Bitcoin Scheme Review

This comprehensive Flexibit review will expose the lies and deception in Flexibit.bz. This latest scam has becoming popular to many because of their aggressiveness of their marketing team in promoting the website. They have been sending emails encouraging people to invest in the company.

But we are not recommending this since we find several indications that Flexibit is scam and people should stay away from it. As we continue with our review we will present to you the proofs that Flexibit.bz is a scam. But before that we will discuss first how the company works.

According to Flexibit they are well prepared to take the market into the higher level again. Their investment plans depend mainly on how much an investor wants to spend in the program. The first plan is offering starts from 0.001 to 2.99 BTC deposits and will give you a 0.14% return hourly which is equivalent to 3.36% a day. The next plan is 0.16% hourly return which is 3.84% daily and the investment starts at 3 BTC up to 19 BTC.

They only accept Bitcoin as payment and your returns are deposited directly to your Bitcoin wallet. The Flexibit affiliate plan is one level of 5% from direct referrals. They consider themselves as one of the best investment plan today.

It does not matter whether the company is paying or not, you should keep in mind that 98% of all the high yield investment program companies are doing everything to trick people. That is their primary goal. We commend them for their professionally developed website and it is convincing enough to attract more investors. You will also notice in Flexibit that they have a registered firm under the name of Flexibles International Group. As mentioned above, their investment plans range from 3.3% to 4.8% daily.

Flexibit is Scam – Three Evidences

If you are wondering if your funds here is safe as what Flexi Bit is claiming, the answer is no. Your money is not safe at all. According to them the money you invest will be invested by them in stocks and in cryptocurrency trading. There is something suspicious about this, and we will prove it to you in this Flexibit review that it is impossible for them to guarantee a 3.3% daily return forever. Keep in mind trading is dangerous, it involves winning and losing. It is impossible for a trader to win all the time.

The money you invested in Flexibit.bz is not insured, once they lost in trading, you will lose everything as well. They will not pay you because they have taken your money already. Their claims are ridiculous and impossible and it does not make any sense. That is what we can say about Flexibit in this review.

First Evidence – Not Associated with Flexibles

They claim that the company is regulated in Belize and is claim being managed by Flexibles International Group Inc. After thorough investigation, we have found out that Flexibit is not associated with the mentioned company.

Flexibit.bz is just using the firm to attract more investors since Flexibles is a legit business. This only proves that Flexibit is a fraud, definitely a scam business. The real Flexibles International Group can sue them if they want to.

Second Evidence – Unknown Developer/Owner

It was not clearly stated who owns and developed the Flexi Bit system. According to one of Flexibit support representatives, the name of their CEO is Dan Rogers. But when we ask the same question to another support representative they have given us another name. He answered David William.

Obviously, Flexibit does not provide the real name of the owners. Maybe the one we are talking to is already the owner. Their Facebook page has 4000 likes which are bought from fiverr.com.

Third Evidence – Flexi Bit is an Intelligent Scam

This is the hardest part. Proving that Flexi Bit is paying their investors. Yes, Flexi Bit is paying but it’s not what supposed to be. They are using a smart way of paying designed to attract people to invest their money in the business. Based on our review, Flexibit works by giving the investors 3% back for your daily investment.

Thus, assuming you gave them $100 bitcoins, you will get $3 each day, forever. But if you try to analyze, it will take you around 33 days to complete your investment back. During the 33 days, they will continue paying you until you either decide to invest more or leave. If in case you did not invest on Flexibit the first 12 days, you are not allowed to collect your daily $3 returns.

However, if you put more money, they can pay you, your daily $3 profit, but the cycle is endless. So, if the process works like this investors will not be able to get your money back 100%. Flexibit is an intelligent scam.

Flexibit Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Flexibit is a scam and people should avoid it. Their flexibit.bz website is full of lies and everything you see on it are fabricated. The evidences above are enough proof that investing money in this kind of business is very dangerous.

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