Fintech Profits is Scam! Critical Review

This thorough Fintech Profits review will reveal the lies and deception in as well as how the software works. According to the man on the video named George, by using this system you will be able to generate at least $550 for simply watching the video. He even promises to give you $1100 from his personal money if you were not able to achieve the $550.

These claims are too good to be true and quite hard to believe thus we consider Fintech Profits is scam. Also after carrying out our investigation we discovered some dubious information on It is best that you read our review first before you invest your money in this software.

The first thing that you need to know before signing up is to learn how the system works. Upon checking there is actually not much information exposed about this. This is quite suspicious that this application did not explain how it works. For us we consider this as a major red flag and definitely an obvious indication that Fintech Profits is scam and there is no trading algorithm being used. As we watch video presentation we discovered that it’s a copy trading auto-trader. It means that after you sign up the robot can mimic how the successful traders do their trading. However, there are some issues involve in this kind of software. The app is not an auto-trader but operates in manual mode. This means that you need to open the trades on your own. Also, the successful traders that the system mimics were not mentioned and they did not share their names. This information should be added in video presentation or somewhere in their website.

Fintech Profits is Scam – Three Evidences

You are reading this Fintech Profits review probably because you received an email about the system. You have checked their website and watched the guy in the promo video who tells you how much money you can earn. You will be encouraged to sign up and complete the form. After providing them the info required, one will redirected into the next page where you’ll be asked to provide more information and will be asked to sign up again. This is for the broker that the app assigned to you and then you can access the software. But wait, before you make further action check out the evidences presented in this review that will prove this application is a scam and you should avoid it.

Fintech Profits is the latest company that offers binary option signals, which was launched on January 30, 2016. It should not be confused with another company named Fintech Limited, or the broker name Trade Fintech. You might be wondering if you should trust this app or not. Continue reading our review and you will find out if it’s worth your money or not. The platform is similar to other binary options trading systems. If one watches the video, the alleged CEO George sounded very convincing and real. He is trying to convince the watchers that he can help you generate $200,000 by simply following the trading signals that the platform generates. Experienced traders and investors in binary options and Forex are aware that a signal is only good as the timing of the trade. If someone advised you that you buy Euro instead of US dollar because it’s going up, then believe them. You can make profit, only if one trades at the right time. If the trader buys immaturely, particularly when trading binary options he will surely lose money.

First Evidence – Fake CEO and Owner

The first thing investor will notice as you watch their video is that the alleged CEO and owner of is represented by the name of George only. There are no other information provided not even his surname. This makes us suspect there is something not right with this program. One thing is for sure a legit platform normally divulges the owner and developer of the system. If one checks out other scam websites you might have probably seen this man. He is an actor paid to lie in front of the camera. It will be difficult for you to check his identity in Google because his surname was never mentioned. The scammers behind this app have created several other scam applications so be very careful.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

These individuals appearing on are all actors from and are paid to lie in front of the camera. is a popular online marketplace where you get the services of actors to act whatever character that you want for only $5. If the investor visits the website and you use the term testimonials, one will sees the images of the actors who can play the role and you will sure see these 3 individuals. Again this is an indication that we are dealing with a fake and dubious app.

Third Evidence – Working with Unregulated Brokers

The main concern with any free trading software or automated trading program is the brokers they choose to work with. As mentioned at the start of this Fintech Profits review, if you want to know how to protect your money while trading read this complete review about this scam. This is probably the most easiest way to earn money particularly if the investor found the right software. However it is also the fastest way to lose your money. Make sure that the app you are using are working together with regulated brokers. In they work with unregulated brokers which is a sign that it is a scam.

Fintech Profits Review Conclusion

Our review proves that Fintech Profits is scam. Traders should stay away from this website and make sure not to invest a single dollar on it. But if one wants to give this app a try, you can do so but be prepared to lose your hard-earned money. We have all the evidences that will prove this program is  a fraud. The fake promises, fake testimonials and fake owner are clear indications that this system is a scam.

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