Exitus Elite is Scam! An Honest Review

This review developed by Paul Stevenson will prove that Exitus Elite is scam. We have been helping traders in finding the best auto-trader by investigating, assessing, evaluating and scrutinizing binary options trading software. Once we gather the results and data that we need, we present them to you by writing a review. In our review you will discover how this sche works to steal your hard earned money.

We will start the review by telling the readers what is Exitus Elite. Just like other traders you must be in search of something that will help you during the trading process especially if you are new in the industry. Some may have legitimate offers, but there are also some that are developed to trick people and steal their hard earned money. This Exitus Elite is scam thus it offers a good amount of earnings but is it for real or just like other bogus pyramid scheme. Let’s start by analyzing what is this scheme and the promises Paul Stevenson mentioned in the promo video at exituselite.com.

The first thing we will mention in this Exitus Elite review is the one that caught our attention right away when we visit exituselite.com was the offer to earn $1300 per month for every product sale that you successfully make. That is a good amount, isn’t it? We should carry out further research and evaluation during our review to understand how the hoax works mentioned in exituselite.com. Well it looks like that this hoax is nothing but one of those businesses that require you to refer others to join. But, let us explain in this review thoroughly the entire scenario. This pyramid scheme based on our review in exituselite.com is an online business that is designed to help people succeed.

Therefore, you should have the right information on business before one can join this program. You might be wondering how this platform can help you succeed. Someone should refer you to Exitus Elite before you become a member as explained in the exituselite.com. Once you become a member, you have the privilege to access to some resourced, like lead captures, auto-responders, utilization of replicated websites and some training. These will help boost your business online. Thus, the objective of this hoax software is to provide you some stuff that will help you generate money using your business online.

The most persuading words in exituselite.com are “No explaining, No recruiting, No cold calling, No selling.” Continue reading this Exitus Elite review and there are lots of things that you may uncover and learn about this platform.

Exitus Elite Products

We feel it is vital that we mention in this Exitus Elite review the products being offered by this company so the reader can understand clearly why we consider this as scam. This platform is similar to multi-level marketing sites. The fact that the exituselite.com says “no recruiting” is not true. You can get the needed resources for your business, but you have to refer other people to join the program. Is this vital? Check out the product they are offering in exituselite.com.

Official Website | Exituselite.com

This is the only item that is available for the members available in exituselite.com. This is where the resources required to help you with your business are kept. The resources are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Marketing: The exituselite.com focuses on the various forms of marketing for online businesses. These are advertisements, videos, email marketing, and social media. This platform touts to assist you learn various marketing techniques to boost the sales in your online business.
  1. Development: This part of exituselite.com focuses on both the professional and personal development. You must to click on the “View the Genesis Library” to get more information on what is being offered here. There around 24 audios from 20 various speakers. The speakers are well-versed in the industry of digital or internet marketing, and they are here to assist you.
  1. Health: We also discovered in this review that in order for an entrepreneur to succeed, you should keep your business and your body healthy. The health pyramid scheme focuses on providing you audio tutorials from Dr. Wayne Pickering. His teachings comprises of 6 key points on health which include starting a healthy lifestyle, altitude, exercise, an introduction to health and optimal nutrition.

Exitus Elite is Scam – Three Evidences

During our in-depth review we notice that scammers never get tired of putting up the same scam again and again. If it continues to work, it will keeps on coming back with a new design, name and website. An example of this is this hoax software Exitus Elite developed by Paul Stevenson having exituselite.com as their website that uses details products to provide a cover for cash gifting scam and example of this scam is the one that is being operated again and again. The actual power of this exituselite.com scam is how easily money can be transferred in your account. Payments are forwarded to you directly. Since the product involved the developers of the scam say that what they are doing is legit.

First Evidence – No Cold Calling and Sales But You Need to be Trained

The sad truth about this Paul Stevenson hoax cash gifting hoax cash gifting system is that exituselite.com is scam. The company does not have any actual products for their affiliates to offer to potential customers, thus the only marketable and sellable thing is the membership for the affiliate program. This is not good. The authorities hate when there is no retail side. Once you sign up with the Paul Stevenson Exitus Elite, you have the chance to buy the Genesis Product Package being offered in exituselite.com. What is included in the package was already mentioned above and it includes a wide array of topics. Affiliates can purchase the materials at a low price of $1000, and according to Paul Stevenson the actual price of this product is $1995.

You might be asking why this review considers Paul Stevenson exituselite.com a scam. One thing is that once you made a payment they will walk away from you with no money in your pocket. Admit it you purchase the product not because of the item but because the company promises $1000 as their commission. Right? According to exituselite.com you are paying $1000 for 90% automated hoax software to build your online business. The hoax will provide you helpful tools to market this app and training materials. The question is if you are getting an automated hoax system and it does not require you sales and cold calling then why there is a need to be trained in marketing and prospecting?

Second Evidence – One up Hoax system is a Scam

Then Paul Stevenson mentioned about the “one up hoax system.” We think that this is a scam. Here’s why. More than 90% of people will not generate money online. Mostly, due to the set-up that promises overnight success. The “one up hoax system” influences this to the benefit of old online marketers. For starters, this offers quicker demotivation and a bigger possibility of not making any money online, as you pass all your efforts to your sponsor. Now, what makes this a scam. You are aware that the majority of us have a warm market of one to three individuals (those who will trust and listen to you). The 1 up pyramid scheme leverages this by passing your warm market to your sponsor. After completing your warm market, reality will struck you without knowing that you actually unveil it. You have to prove to strangers you know your stuff very well or you will have a hard time getting your next sale. Unfortunately, there is no automatic pyramid scheme that can help you become an authority in your market. Definitely, this is not what you think it is. It does not at all help you how to brand yourself in your market.

Third Evidence – Videos and Tools are Accessible Only for Free

The total amount of money that you need to shed in order to get access to the cash gifting software tools and videos is around $1300. That’s a lot of money. Actually, the videos and trainings that you can get from paying $1000 are already available in YouTube and in other sites for free. It is a clear indication that this is nothing but a pyramiding scam. They also have the no return policy, thus there is no way you can withdraw your money once you sign up. The only thing you can do to get your money back is to recruit 2 individuals to join the platform. But with all the reviews this software is getting it will be impossible to encourage someone to join the set-up. You can use your $1300 in your business instead of giving it to the program.

Exitus Elite Review Conclusion

This review proves that Exitus Elite is scam. Paul Stevenson might be able to get away for quite sometimes and might earn a lot from this but as people become aware of the hidden hoax it might not be long before this scam will eventually close out. The above evidences are enough to prove that you will not get something from the hoax system.

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