EthTrade is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

We are aware that many people are searching for ways to increase their income. Investing into a legit company is one option that is being considered by many. However, there are lots of scam companies and you need to avoid them at all cost. This EthTrade review includes detailed report about this HYIP Company whether or not they are paying. If one is in search for online investment or you want to earn some extra money, you should read this review first. If you are already a victim of, you can share your experience to us, and help us warn others about this scam.

Let us start our EthTrade review by explaining what does Eth means. Eth or Ethereum is a kind of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. It is mined online and then offered online for a profit. Eth-Trade is an HYIP or high yield investment program that focuses in trading ethereum on the binary options scheme and generates a huge amount of cash. According to they comprise of highly skilled traders that do the transaction every day with amazing outcomes. If you give your money to them, they will use it and invest on high-risk trades and if they win, they will share the profits with you.

Unfortunately, this is only a story. We don’t see any proof that this is true. A legit trading app managed by professionals are proud enough to show their trading and investment history which is known as portfolio. This EthTrade application was not able to provide any proof that they really are making good profits thru trading.

The truth is that it is just collecting funds and is only paying the old investors using the cash they have collected. According to them the money invested on them are also invested on other businesses. But the truth is they are using some funds to pay someone to make fake comments and reviews for them. Don’t get victimized by, it’s a fake trading program. There are lots of reasons why we believe without a doubt that EthTrade is scam and we will prove it you in this review.

EthTrade is Scam – Three Evidences

EthTrade promises to give you 15% to 25% return of investment monthly. According to them they return these profits to you during the weekday. The suggested time frame of investment is 60 days. There are important things to consider before we take these numbers seriously. The first thing we need to think is that real investment will expire at certain point.

Continuous profit for a one-time investment is impossible. If you invest your money into, they will use your dollars and thus it will stop earning. Eth-Trade has failed to mention their time frame. This makes it quite suspicious. Being anonymous is only one of the reasons why we consider EthTrade a scam.

As you continue reading our EthTrade review you will find out what this company is really up to.

First Evidence – Not Paying

The most important thing an investor needs to consider when signing up in a high yield investment program is whether the company is paying or not. Unfortunately, EthTrade is not paying. Some members are complaining about the non-payment of this company. Obviously this system is not paying. One clear indication that this firm is not paying is the fact they are not showing any proof they have paid someone. When a member loses trades they would encourage them to add more money. It’s the way how scammers work and steal your investment.

Be aware is not a legit trading program. Before you make further action make sure that you have read our complete EthTrade review.

Second Evidence – Unknown Owners

Just like other scam companies, EthTrade does not divulge the real owners. They want the identity of those who are behind this fraud app anonymous so people would not know who to sue. Upon checking to the website registration is anonymous which only means that they don’t have any plans of informing the people who owns the company.

The owner has not revealed his name, nor have the names of the “team of specialists” been revealed. The website registration is anonymous on whois, which means the owners of this site are not interested in letting you know who they are. So would you entrust your investments to a complete stranger? Definitely not. Even if they have a legit looking website, you should never trust a financial firm with unknown owner. Scammers online can fool people easily and they can also take your money fast without you knowing it. Be cautious never trust a website that hides owner’s identity and personal information. This is dishonesty and they lack transparency that you investor deserve.

Third Evidence – Not Insured or Regulated

We have reviewed hundreds of HYIP companies and none of them was either insured or regulated. Actually, that is the most vital thing we mention to those who are asking our advice about these scams. They do not carry any form of insurance or have any regulation from a financial police. This is bad news. Insured company will have a way of paying you back in case you lose your investment. Banks are federally insured, this means that if EthTrade get robbed, you can still get your money because the insurance company will return it to you.

EthTrade Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that EthTrade is scam, it is nothing but a fraud and people should not invest their money on it. The indications of being a fraud firm are obvious. There is lots of information that they forgot to include in their website. They lack transparency making it one of the dishonest scam companies today.

If you find this EthTrade review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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