The Ethereum Code is Scam! Warning Review

This Ethereum Code review is for individuals who are interested to invest and to inform them about their scam tactic. This report will help you save time and money when deciding whether to trust the software or not. If a trader visits their website, one will notice that it has a professional design. However, if you take a closer look at it, several statements do not make sense at all.

They are trying to convince people that if one joins their program, they will become a millionaire overnight. Of course, this is not possible unless one will be investing a lot on it every day and we will prove it. This review will show that Ethereum Code is a scam and you should trust them at all.

Before showing you the evidence that will prove that Ethereum Code is Scam, it is essential that we discuss first what is the system all about. It is a new application that features a program that will help you generate millions of monetary trades every day.

The Ethereum Code is Scam – Three Evidences

The most exciting aspect of the Ethereum Code software is that it utilizes the existing market infrastructure, thus making it a binary system that has different computation advantage as compared to other platforms. According to them, they have lost only one trade for four years, which is not feasible. As you continue reading this review, you will discover a lot of lies hiding within the system.

First Proof – Jad Baker Fake Creator

A visible proof of being a scam is the identity of Jad Baker. The real identity of Jad the alleged creator of Ethereum Code software was not known. It is clear evidence that there is something wrong with The facts are distorted, manipulated, and they provide false ads with malicious intention to fool people and encourage them to join.

You should never trust even if it has a nicely structured interface. There are lots of people who fall on a website with good appearance. Jad Baker is a paid actor, which proves that the Ethereum Code is a scam.

We tried checking on the real identity of Jad Baker who claims to create But unfortunately, we cannot find anything that will lead to the actual personality of Jad. No information of any sort was provided for the alleged creator of this application. Jad does not have any social media account or any number that we can contact him which makes him a complete fraud.

To know the difference, check out a legit software that has been established as legit, their contact number or social media account is displayed publicly without any issues. Come to think of it a founder of a legit system has nothing to hide. Thus he will always be available.

Second Proof – Fake Reviews

One that determines the factor to consider a program legit is thru the reviews and testimonies of users. A member will know the legitimacy of it right from the persons who have tried it. In the case of, we cannot find any review that will disagree with us that Ethereum Code is a scam. All the reviews we have encountered contains negative comments. Not even one positive report from bloggers. If there is a good review about, it’s because the people behind the software paid them to do so. Make sure that you will not fall for anything that they say.

If one checks their testimonial page, they will see there a man giving his testimony acting as if he earned a lot from We tried to check on the real identity of this man, and we have found out that he is from Yes, he is an actor paid to talk about the system and tell the viewers all the positive things about it in front of a camera. Everything he said was scripted and done by the people behind this fake application. They were paid $5 for every 30 minutes they make.

Third Proof – Fake Money-Back Guarantee

For beginners who want learn more about, you can visit their official company website. If a trader is interested in using the Ethereum Code software, you need to make an initial deposit $ 250. A member will get access to the program automatically, and you start using the program. You can use your PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard in paying. Most people would check on what the platform can offer, check its legitimacy and how you will earn from it.

One important factor that might convince people to join is its 2-month money-back guarantee. Do not believe them, based on what we have found out during our Ethereum Code review there are lots of people who have been complaining and have lost their investment and were not able to get their money back no matter how many times they have called the customer service. Believe us nobody will answer your questions after you invest on the application. Review Conclusion

For those who become a member of, there is no assurance that you can get the $1,000 as a welcome bonus. No one has confirmed that they receive such amount from the said program. Only a few legit software offers such rewards but not as high as this. It is quite high and is impossible. Keep in mind this company does not provide their office address, or contact number, apparently they do not want you to visit them.

The fake owner and testimonies of Ethereum Code software are clear indication that the platform is not legit and people should not trust it at all. If a trader is just starting out with trading, the first thing you need to do is to check the legitimacy of the company. If you see something fishy or not right, then you need to stay away from it. To test the platform on your own, you can do so but be prepared to lose what you invested in it.

If you find this Ethereum Code review helpful to you, feel free to share this with other traders.

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