Empower Network is Scam! Real Review

This in-depth EmpowerNetwork review will provide more information and open your eyes to the truth that Empower Network is scam. Based on the top 10 Google results, EmpowerNetwork.com is one of the most popular business opportunities on the internet today. During our review we have found out that the program was pioneered by Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood in 2011 and has grown significantly until today. The Empower Network app is a hybrid business that combines internet marketing, MLM and network marketing together to help members generate a lot of money.

The number of claims that the system is a scam also increases. Upon review of their website empowernetwork.com we notice it things that are too good to be true, it’s because of this why people thinks that Empower Network is scam.  Before we go any further with our Empower Network review let’s first analyze how the system works.

Empower Network is an online business opportunity that enable their members to earn money without requiring them to have a degree, masteral or experience to deal with the most common challenges, problems and pitfalls that most people go through if they enter into a home based business. Our review shows that it offers marketing training, digital services and information products such as blogging platform known as Blog Beast. The participants can earn a substantial online income from home. Once you join the network, you can choose and join the different levels of membership. For every level that you purchase, you will get a commission when you join a specific stage of training.  If in case you did not purchase all the levels, you might not get a commission if your referrals purchase the one you didn’t bought.

The first level is the Blogging Platform that cost $25 a month. This stage provides you their blogging platform the Blog Beast. You can access their fast training and core checklist. It includes the principles to develop an online business. Also, you will get access to the capture page systems, Monday night Empower hour and back office tools. In order to get the higher levels, you have to purchase this level. The Inner Circle Membership will give you access to audio library that cost $100 a month. It contains the information about the team leaders, founders and colleagues. You can sell this and if someone joins under you, you will get a commission.

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive costs $500 one-time payment. This contains a set of videos about the private 3 day retreat which was held in a mountain in Costa Rica near the residence of David Wood. The videos contain the ideas that change the way you approach your World Wide Web audience or leads together with some innovative marketing techniques. The 15k Formula that you can purchase this at $995, this level focuses on teaching participants how to market in the virtual world and technical training. The training techniques will teach you how to get your targeted leads and grow your online business in the long run. And finally the Masters Retreat with $3500 one-time payment that consist of 40 trainings and a workbook that let affiliates learn as they earn. Keep in mind that in order for you to earn a commission, you have to buy all the levels that you want to sell. In short if one is interested on buying the $25 blogging platform he can do so and you can only get a commission if you buy that level. If someone signs up under you and purchase higher level you did not bought you will not be able to get a commission.

Empower Network is Scam – Three Evidences

This part of our review includes the evidences that prove Empower Network is scam.  If an investor can talk to someone marketing this system or their videos they make him feel that with a dream and positive attitude he can generate money and have a comfortable life if he follows the system.

Official Website | Empowernetwork.com

Although everybody is welcome to join the course, it is only designed for individuals who are into MLM and want to do everything to build a down line. It works only for those who have the dedication to sell and dream and explain how they can sell the products successfully to others as we are going to prove in our Empower Network review. The process is quite confusing but you get a commission after every 5 individuals you recruit.

First Evidence – No Network Support

As a beginner you normally need help and you have so many questions in mind. With Empower Network support you won’t get any answers or at least not for $100. The level that costs $100 is not current training but a series of videos. You should be careful with programs without some sort of support or access to the owners. The owners are great marketer but if they never help their struggling participants to succeed then it’s another thing. Never trust a system if one cannot talk to the owners ever, think how difficult it will be if you want a refund or have a problem.

Empower Network is not even close to the features of some of the legit programs, plus it is hard to trust software without one on one support or access to the owners. The level also costs that much and the fact that it does not even teaches you how to develop a real online business rather than MLM, Ponzi recruitment webpage.

Second Evidence – Not As Easy As It Claims It Is

The empowernetwork.com emphasis that it involves only 3 simple steps but it is not. And also the cost of this system is not worth it and it also depends on the degree of your commitment. The system focuses on upgrading once you get hooked on it. This is when your sponsor will start encouraging, persuading and enticing you and even forcing you that you are obligated to work hard in order to succeed in this program. They make you feel like that it’s a must to purchase all the products being offered from $25 up to $3500 if not you will not succeed and produce good money with that kind of attitude. They want you to work hard in recruiting people and also in spending around $5000 in total to purchase all the products to allegedly turn you into a marketing grand master. If in case you cannot buy them all be prepared your sponsor might not be good to you and focus only on their buying members. This is the common complaint of many members and if the buyer is not careful you might be included in the list of pissed off members.

Third Evidence – Suspicious Actions of Owners

David Wood and David Sharpe are setting up a business in Costa Rica because they are operating a borderline Ponzi scheme. The owners of this scam are running an enticing Ponzi scheme online. They are the two individuals behind this MLM scheme. Just like any scam programs one of the founders Davide Sharpe is leaving the company due to medical reasons. There is something suspicious about this. The owner of another MLM scam DS Domination is also leaving his company because of health problem. According to some who knows something about the company while the other is making his exit the other is busy building new scam that will shock people. Then they will claim for bankruptcy and take the members money and start over again with the new scam. Don’t get victimized by this scam, be aware of what is happening with your surrounding. It won’t hurt you if you do some research so you will have some knowledge about the ins and outs of this kind of industry. Sometimes all you need to be able to succeed in this kind of business is information.

Empower Network Review Conclusion

With the above evidences mentioned in this in-depth review, it is safe to say that Empower Network is scam and you should stay away from it. If you don’t want to be harassed into paying thousands to go all in and likewise waste time selling, acting and struggling to entice someone to join the scam. However, if you think you can do big with this program and you have enough money to spend $5k upfront and $140 monthly to be able to sell the products then you risk joining the system.

We highly recommend that you need to read our thorough Empower Network review first before deciding. Hope this review was able to help you in deciding and finding the truth behind this scam. Ignoring the signals and indications of being a scam could result to lose your savings. Being careful and your instinct are the secrets so you will not get trapped.

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