Einstein Trader is Scam! Critical Review

Wondering if Einstein Trader is scam? This review will help you in deciding whether to trust this app or not. Our post shows that it is a fraud, based on what we noticed when we check out einsteintrader.com. Because of this, we are prompted to undergo a thorough investigation and review on the software. If one is considering signing up and deposit cash to Einsteintrader.com, you should refrain from doing so. This automated application will not help you earn a penny. The investor will end up losing his money. Read our full review to help you decide wisely. This review is your guide and basis on how to detect scam software and how to avoid them.

We are writing this Einstein Trader review to reveal the truth and prevent you and others from becoming a victim of this fraud app. The truth is einsteintrader.com is not a legit app and the entire stories you see on its website are all lies. You are not going to be a millionaire with this scheme. That is their way of attracting people and encourages them to sign up. Binary options is becoming weak and forex is returning. Their promo video in einsteintrader.com states that investing in binary trading is a gamble which is actually true, but these scammers are just using this to gain your trust.

Becoming a millionaire is possible. It can happened but not with the help of this app. If an investor wants to earn thru forex, you should learn from people who have used a legit software. It is impossible for you to generate money automatically like what they claim. We have carried out our research about forex and we have found out that most of the automated apps are scams. The best way to earn with forex is by knowing the strategies that experts use, not by the use of automated software.

This program supposed to be can help traders to earn a lot, which is developed to make you millionaire, the webpage einsteintrader.com even provides some sort of history results but it is not what the users expect to have. The algorithms involve in this program are going to have a price action to regular scalper with safety filters utilizing one minute chart. One will try to sell a platform for $497 with ten-minute video and you will spend three seconds to explain how this application works.

This really looks suspicious. Saying that your program is some kind of Forex scalper is not enough. That is how the trading work, which you can use in 200 different manners. This makes this scheme a scam. The videos are not appealing, which require time to explain how good the services are but they were not able to explain how it works or what sort of indicators the system is using.

Einstein Trader is Scam – Three Evidence

This is part of our Einstein Trader review where we need to prove that this scheme is a scam. As compared to binary options they will ask you to pay a certain amount for their system. You need to pay $497 to access Einstein Trader. The application offers a refund guarantee which is a good sign. But, if one signs up to a broker and invest on it and lose it, it is impossible to get your money back.

Thus, in spite of this refund guarantee, we still believe that Einstein Trader is scam and it can empty your trading account. Also, we are sure that the scammers behind Einstein Trader are earning commission for referring you to brokers, so they don’t care about your investment that much.

First Evidence – Fake Developer

The man allegedly responsible for this website is William Morrison. Unfortunately, he is not real, so even if you search for him in any research engine, you will not find him. The scammers behind Einstein Trader created this character to represent them. And because the binary options trading industry is getting weaker they are moving into forex. There are lots of fraudsters in the industry created binary options trading scams and you might have become one of their victims in the past. Generally, you sign up and deposit the needed amount into a broker and you will lose all your money because you trusted a fraud software. Just like einsteintrader.com they don’t care at all whether you profit or not, since they still get their commission from the broker. In the USA, the authorities have been closing them down so these fraudsters are finding ways to promote other scheme. Most people think that forex scalpers are different from these scams but they are not.

Second Evidence – Fake Data

The result is one of their techniques used to convince people to sign up with the system. But don’t be deceived by this. Almost half of the video in their Einsteintrader.com website is covered by history results. However, if you examine it thoroughly these results are from a Demo account. If they are legit, then why they are using these Demo accounts that do not use real money? They should have shown results from users that invested real money on their system. This is obviously their way of deceiving people.

Then check on the two vital notifications – the Trading Privileges not verified and the Track Record not Verified. These are clear indications that there is something wrong going on. If the results are fake and everything on their Einsteintrader.com website is fabricated, then you should not trust this app.

Third Evidence – No Endorsement and Testimonials to Support their Claim

One important thing in determining a scam platform from a legit one is if it is being endorsed by popular sites. In the case of Einstein Trader it does not have. If you search for it you will not be able to find anything useful about the system. Instead, all you can read about it are negative reviews. There are some traders who tried this app but all of their accounts were depleted.

Einstein Trader Review Conclusion

This in-depth Einstein Trader review proves that this system is a scam. They may be able to provide results but as you can see these are all from Demo accounts which obviously not enough reason to believe them. These results are fake and you should not deceive by these. This Forex scalper will not help you to become a millionaire. It will only steal your money.

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