EcoCoins is Scam! Critical Review

This EcoCoins review will reveal the lies and deception found in their website. It looks like we will be adding this software in our list of scam. When we first look at it we immediately noticed that there is something wrong with this system.

After thorough investigation and review we found evidences that will prove EcoCoins is scam and people should not trust them at all. Just like other scam apps they make promises that are impossible to achieve. They will encourage you to join and invest some money on it and eventually they will disappear.

Let’s start with how Eco Coins work. It is important that you know the facts. The reality is not always as obvious as it needs to be. Talking to experts and reading our review before investing can help you determine if the is scam or not. Our main purpose of writing this EcoCoins review is to help you in any way we can. This scheme is what they call HYIP or high yield investment program. It makes use of solar energy to mine for Bitcoin. And since they are not required to shed out any of their money on electricity, they claim that they can generate good profits from their mining machines.

The investors have several plans to choose from. The ROI ranges from 1.55% to 3.63% with varying time periods. The developer or owner of was not mentioned. The owner makes sure that he or she remains anonymous. Its either he does not want to be known or so no one can sue him in case something wrong happens. This is a clear indication of being a scam. A piece of advice, never trust your money in a site that is anonymous and won’t divulge the true identity of it’s owner or developer. There is a possibility that EcoCoins is a fraud.

As mentioned earlier, EcoCoins is an HYIP, not only they are most likely to be a scam, no one gets rich with this kind of business. The fact that they are not insured or regulated makes them a fraud system. It also means that you are assuming all the dangers and are not assured anything in return. Many people have lost their money with a HYIP.

This is a fact. So if you see someone on video testifying that he earns a lot by investing in HYIP do not believe them. EcoCoins has a fake testimony and was paid to act in front of the camera. We are sure of it 100% and we will prove it to you in this review.

EcoCoins is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our EcoCoins review we will present to you some evidences that will prove this company is a scam and you should not trust them at all. The proofs are common to many fraud sites and uses the same strategy to trick people. If you have read some reviews about HYIP companies, you will notice their similarities. This makes us think how come all of them apply the same lies when people know it already.

We suggest that before you deposit your cash on Eco-Coins make sure you have read this EcoCoins review.

First Evidence – Fake Photos and Company

This is part of our review where we will show you the proof that this software is a scam. If you check out EcoCoins video, the narrator explains how it works and what it does. The video will show you images that are taken from stock photo and are stolen from other sites.

The narrator claims that these are the people who joined their network of solar energy fueled bitcoin mining. Upon checking the names in Google these people do not exist at all. The developers of EcoCoins want you to believe that they have a large network. We have found out during our research that they do not have any mining facilities. The images are all fake.

Second Evidence – Ponzi Schemes

All HYIP applies Ponzi schemes that pay the older members from the investments of new members. Once they run out of their investment, they simply closed out and take the remaining funds with them. All HYIP companies have fake operation and are just trying to trick people.

EcoCoins does not mine for BTC using solar energy. They do not mine at all. does not provide any credible proof that the company is paying or they are mining for BTC. The proofs the company have provided are fake. The images, testimonials, and results are all fake.

Third Evidence – Anonymous Owner

After checking out the website we haven’t found any information that will lead to the identity of the developer or owner. Any company that does not want to divulge the name of its real owner is a questionable company. Particularly EcoCoins that is a HYIP, this makes us confirm our suspicious that it is a scam. There is no actual address of its office indicated in their website. Which only means it’s not a real company.

EcoCoins may be able to pay your first withdrawal but there is no assurance until when. Once they have dries up their resources, they will simply closed up and take all of your money with them. You will be left with nothing, all of your investment landed on the hands of these scammers. And who you will pursue, no one because they never mentioned the name of developers.

EcoCoins Review Conclusion

This review proves that EcoCoins is scam, it is nothing but a scam. We have presented to you the evidences that will prove how dangerous it is to invest in this kind of company. Their claims are impossible and are hard to believe. The images of the person giving testimonies are fake and the results they have presented are fabricated.

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