Is Eclipcity Global Review – One of the Crypto MLM Scams

If you want to know more about Eclipcity Global, this review can help you. You are here because you are interested in the app. This app is promoted as a money-making program. The question is, is it legit or another scam. At first glance, it looks like to have what you are looking for in a trading app. But do not get excited, as you might fall into their trap.

Before you sign up and deposit some money to Eclipcity Global, read this review first and decide later. We have listed down the pieces of evidence we found during our evaluation. The evidence will prove this app is a scam, and you should stay away from it.  

What is Eclipcity Global?

Eclipcity Global is one of the trading apps that use Trons (TRX). The company is one of Andreas Kartrud’s smart-contract, an agreement between the buyer and seller that executes itself. It is written within a few lines of code that exists in the decentralized blockchain network. Once the contract is deployed, it will not change, get hacked, and reversed.

Eclipcity Global claims to multiply your Trons up to 310% of your deposit as you sit back and enjoy the ROI. Aside from the 310% deposit, you will get bonuses coming from the referrals. But they cannot provide it. No company can give such profit.

How does it work?

You can earn in Eclipcity Global in different ways. Besides the compensation plan, you can also earn in the software in various ways. The app runs off the classic MLM cycler compensation plan structure using the latest blockchain crypto smart contract. The primary purpose of using the smart contract is to make sure the members will not be identified. With the contract, you don’t have to use your personal information to sign up.

The membership that you will get is a user number. Your payment is transferred directly to the member’s cryptocurrency wallet. It will serve as your Tron wallet

Why Eclipcity Global is a scam?

The pieces of evidence presented in this review will prove Eclipcity Global is a scam, and you should avoid it. You might find it legit and reliable, but you will have second thoughts about investing if you look deeper into it.

Developed by Andreas Kartrud

Andreas Kartrud is known for his smart-contract Ponzi schemes. EtherChain was an Ethereum Ponzi introduced in June 2020, but it collapses and closed down within three months. Then in August 2020, he launched the TronChain that collapsed in January 2021.

Eclipcity Global Andreas Kartrud

He also launched CyberChain last September 2020. It is still active, but anytime soon, it will close down also. Eclipcity Global is under Kartrud also, so the possibility of this app closing down is high, especially it uses Ponzi Scheme. Until now, the Swedish authorities have failed to act against him. With Andreas Kartrud’s record, it is hard to convince people that it is not a scam.

Ponzi Scheme

A company using a Ponzi scheme without any products or services to offer is impossible to last longer. In the first few months, the company may pay its members, but once the recruitment slows down, it will collapse. And this is also apparent to Eclipcity Global.

EclipCity has two primary projects – the Tron Chain and CyberChain. Both are types of pyramid scams that depend on recruiting a continuous chain of investors.

Unregulated company

The owners claimed that they are operating with a licensed company name LLC Eclipse. However, we have found no proof that they are regulated. All the investment platform like Eclipcity needs to be registered to operate and considered legitimate. We cannot find anything that will prove the company is legit and reliable.

Most of the scammers operate without a license. A financial regulatory authority like FCA, FSMA, AMF, CNMV releases warnings to people who want to invest.


EclipCity Global is a scam, and you should not trust them. You can check regulatory companies listing to determine if the business is legit or not. If you want to try trading online, look for a trusted and regulated company. Most of the scam trading app offers affiliation. It’s because of this why there are positive reviews about this company. Read comments and reviews only from reliable sources. If you have been a victim of this company, feel free to comment below.

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Who is the founder of Eclipcity Global?

Andreas Kartrud founded EclipCity Global and launched the company last August 2020. He is also the founder of Etherchain, Cyberchain, and Tronchain.

Is EclipCity Global safe?

No. Since it is considered a scam software, investing your money in EclipCity Global means losing your hard-earned money.

Is EclipCity Global legit?

Just like other Ponzi schemes, EclipCity Global is not regulated. Once the recruitment slows down, it will crash and would be able to pay all its members.

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