Easy Trade App Review – What You Need to Know: Scam or Legit?

If you are into trading, you need reliable trading software to help you trade accurately. There are many automated trading robots available online that claim to help investors generate a good amount of money at less risk.  But not all trading apps are legitimate.

Easy Trade App is one of the widely used auto-trading apps at present. This software trades different assets that include CFDs, Cryptos, Forex, and stocks. The question is, is this platform scam or legit?

We have written this Easy Trade App review to investigate. In this review, we have mentioned many things this app claims but were not able to provide. There are some questionable features and familiar faces. Read this review from start to finish and find out for yourself if it is legit or a scam.

What is Easy Trade App?

Easy Trade App is an automatic trading software that lets traders generate considerable profits in different cryptocurrencies. With your $500 investment, you earn up to $1000 daily. Or at least it’s what their owners say about the app, the reality is very different.

With Easy Trade App, you don’t need any trading experience to trade. The software is fully automatic, which means that all the research and trades will be carried out by the brokers assign to you automatically. All you need to do is to open and close the trading sessions.

It is best to try trading using the demo account with virtual funds before trading using real money. The platform has guides to help users go through the live trading platform. You are required to deposit $250 to start trading. However, we are not recommending you to deposit as you might not get your money again.

How does it work?

The app uses supposedly advanced algorithms in identifying trading signals and execute them in trader’s account. The algorithm platform will analyze the market data and derive from it tradeable insights. As compared to humans, computer algorithms are more precise as they can analyze huge data fast and execute trades.

The two most essential determinants of success are accuracy and speed. The more data analyzed, the higher the efficiency. Easy Trade App claims to have less risk and more profit.

These algorithms perform technical and fundamental analysis, and you may choose the trading strategy according to risk tolerance. It’s trading strategies include Fibonacci, Martingale, and Classic.

Why Easy Trade App is a scam?

This Easy Trade App review will prove that this platform is a scam. There are lots of reasons why we said so, and we will enumerate some of it. It is lying on lots of things, including daily income. Another thing that makes this a scam app is it is not regulated.

Impossible profits

We all want to become rich, so we try to invest in trading because this is where the money is. However, if we are not as knowledgeable as the others, we tend to lose our money instead of earning. Easy Trade App promises that your minimum $250 deposit will give you $1,000 daily income. If this is true many of us is a millionaire by now. Never trust a trading platform that promises impossible profits. Even the regulated and legal trading software cannot provide you such earnings.

Utopian success rate

A 90% success rate is relatively high and is not possible to achieve. We all know that in trading, we can lose and we can gain. The usual success rate of trading software usually ranges from 45 to 60%. That is why you need the help of a regulated broker as they know where to trade.

Easy Tradae App

Unknown developer

A legal trading app would not remain anonymous. With Easy Trade App, there is no information as to who the developers are. No company, no office address, and it does not provide any information on who is behind this app. A clear sign that it is a scam.


After reading this review, we are sure that you already know how the software works. Easy Trade App is scam. If you choose to invest in the platform, you are at risk of losing your hard-earned money. Scammers could also share your data with hackers as it does not have data protection measures in place. Reading comments and other reviews can help you decide. We highly recommend that you stay away from this system.

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How much is the minimum amount I can deposit to Easy Trade App?

The minimum amount you can deposit is $250. However, you are at risk of losing this money. They would encourage you to deposit more money to regain your losses and provide you tips that won’t work.

Can I withdraw my money in Easy Trade App?

You cannot withdraw your money. If you ask for it, your account will be shut down. Thus, it is impossible to contract the creators of the website.

How much will I earn using this app?

They claim that you will be earning $1000 daily. But the truth is, you will never get any profit. Instead, you will be losing all your money. It is not safe to use the app, so be careful when trading.

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