Easy Money Bot is Scam! Warning Review

The best way to determine if the software is a scam or legit is by reading reviews about it. This comprehensive Easy Money Bot review will not just tell you that it’s a scam but will also provide information about the software. Just like other scam app their website is full of lies and deception. We have written this review to warn people about this scam. For those who already lost their money and were victimized by this fraud company, you can share your stories so others will be informed.

This Easy Money Bot review is will answer all your questions about this fraud app. Those who have plans of joining make sure that you have read this review before you make further action.

So what is Easy Money Bot? According to them they are one of the most advanced technological creations in the online casino market. This software will supposedly help you win. The system is being offered for free and all you need to do is to install the program to start generating money as you play the online roulette. The platform is designed by a team of mathematicians and designers that are interested in providing solution for gamers when playing the roulette online. The team started working on the program that would do complex algorithm processes to make the best bet for the gamer, based on various percentages. Sound impressive but does it really provide the earnings it claims.

You don’t have to pay anything for this software since the website is for free. It won’t take too much of your computer’s memory and it does not contain any malware or viruses. Installing the platform is easy within 3 to 4 minutes you will be able to test it on your own. The user can use the free roulette games. The offers are too good to be true, which makes us suspect this program is a scam. Regardless of your knowledge and experience about online casinos and roulette, you will take advantage from this tool. The system is compatible to windows and you can use play money or real money so you can test it.

Easy Money Bot is Scam – Three Evidences

In this review we will prove to you that this system is a scam and its main goal is to steal your money. Although the app is about winning money on the online roulette, it is similar to binary options. Because of this we feel we need to review it. The application allegedly can produce money by playing online. The app claims to provide more than 100 euros in less than a minute. And they are offering it for free and can produce money for free.

The succeeding paragraphs of our EasyMoneyBot review will include the evidences that will prove this system is scam. Although there are some that think this a legit program, there are yet no proofs that it’s really working. The evidences presented in this review are supported by facts and images. There are still some people who might still want to test the software they can do so at their own risk. Meaning they should be prepared on the consequences of not believing us. Continue reading our Easy Money Bot review and find out how dangerous this program is.

First Evidence – Impossible to Win a Roulette Game

This application is also known as Win 500 A Day. This is just a scam that will steal your money. You need to keep in mind that only way for casino to earn money is when players lose. This is not trading, it’s pure gambling that is how this sysstem works. So if the people behind this scam think that people would believe that a software can win over a casino, they are wrong. People these days are aware that casinos are designed to make gamers lose. The program targets roulette, which is an unbeatable casino game. It is also referred to as fixed odds game. There is no strategy that can beat the game.

Second Evidence – Scam Program

This is a clear proof that Easy Money Bot is scam. This is also the connection with binary options. The system applies the white label robot, with a fake demo and a fraud platform. We have reviewed hundreds of binary options scam platform based on this same app, check out the image above to find out which fraud applications are also using the same robot. With binary options this program misleads people with a demo that produces fake profits. In the case of Win 500 a day it does the same only that it uses a roulette. It shows fake profits that would not happen in reality.

Third Evidence – Anonymous Owner

Just like other scam programs, Win a 500 a day does not divulge the name of the developers or owners. A legit website should be proud of their work so there is no reason why they will not mention the name of the owners. Most people check the owner of the app before they sign up in the case of Easy Money Bot they intentionally did mention it so people will not know who to pursue to. A clear indication that it’s a scam.

Easy Money Bot Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Easy Money Bot is scam, this program is nothing but a fraud. The signs of being a fraud are clear and people should not trust them at all. It is a money stealing machine that is fooling many with their so called winning software. There is nothing that can beat the roulette.

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