Easy Daily Profits is Scam! Real Review

If you are looking for a comprehensive review, you are in the right page. You have heard of it in the binary options trading industry and you are wondering whether Easy Daily Profits is scam or not. To help you decide we have created this comprehensive EasyDailyProfits review. We suggest that before you go any further it is best that you read our review from start to finish.

This complete review will discuss what this software is all about and how it works and their claims and other lies hidden in their easydailyprofits.online website. If one visits their easydailyprofits.online website one will be greeted with their promotional video starring Dean Westhorpe the supposed owner of this platform. The website contains an email subscription form, some testimonials, media feedback, a brief introduction, results and a faq. At first look this platform seems like a professional website but if one take a closer look you will notice some discrepancies and issues that need to be cleared up.

Easy Daily Profits is Scam – Three Evidences

Let’s discuss first: what Easy Daily Profits is?. According to its alleged owner Dean Westhorpe it is a highly-advanced software scheme, which utilizes a huge database and a very complicated computer algorithm to generate money by performing profitable binary options trades automatically. According to the developer that amount of your profit will depend on how much you invest. The more dollars you put into it, the more profits it will bring you. To start earning, the first thing you need to do is to enter your details like email address and name in the sign-up form at easydailyprofits.online. Once you have activated your account, you will receive a confirmation in your email, just follow the steps and deposit some money in your account with a recommended broker’s minimum requirement. The app will start functioning and bring profits into your account automatically. Let us remind you that the facts stated here are based on what the alleged developer is claiming.

For beginners, binary options are the newest, most exciting and generate money easily in financial trading. Rather than investing your money by buying assets, all you need to do is to anticipate if the cost of the asset will go up or down. With this app, all is carried out automatically, so there is no need for to have any experience or knowledge in trading as our software has undergone hundreds of successful tests.

First Evidence – Who is Dean Westhorpe?

Dean Westhorpe the alleged owner of the software is a fictional character. He claims to be a millionaire trader but in reality, he is not, he just claims it to entice other people to join this scam. The man has nothing to do with the binary options industry and there is nothing you can find in the internet that suggests he is a real person. Dean Westhorpe image was not the man’s real photo. The scammers behind this system purchased it from a stock image website. This man does not exist at all.

Second Evidence – Media Coverage Not Real

This is quite amazing being endorsed and rated by top media outlets. If one visit the easydailyprofits.online there are three reviews from popular media outlets, Financial Times, Bloomberg Business and CNNMoney. Every review provides the EDP app a four star rating and an awesome quote. According to CNNMoney it has simple layout and with very advanced computer algorithm, which produces an effective money generating tool. But if you check the websites of these media outlets you will not be able to find any remark about this platform. It is not only the owner that is fabricated, event these media outlet comments they are all fake.

Third Evidence – Fake Counter and Fake Testimonies

The counter that you see on the right part of the screen is not at all real. When it reaches 0 it will return to 20 each time you refresh the page.  The counter does not stop at all which is an indication that we are dealing with a scam website. Another red flag of this system are the testimonies.  Everything you see on this website are all fake and this includes the testimonials.  The people providing testimonies are not real users. They are all paid actors. The lady is a Fiver actress, if your business need someone to talk about your company you can hire her to make fake testimonies, it only costs you 5 dollars only.

Easy Daily Profits Review Conclusion

This Easy Daily Profits review will proves that this app is a scam and people should stay away from this. The only consistent in easydailyprofits.online is that all their claims including the characters on their video are fake. This is definitely a scam. This platform tries to deceive and trick people just to persuade them to sign up and deposit their money. Once they make a deposit, they will surely not earn something from it, instead you will lose everything you have deposited.  So, to keep you protected against this scam make sure that you have read this review from start to finish.

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If you find this Easy Daily Profits review helpful, feel free to share it with others. Binary options trading can help you earn money but make sure that you deal only with legit software. Definitely, this one is not recommended. This application only has one thing in mind to steal your dollars.

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