EA Pip Scalper Review – Scam or Legit Expert Advisor?

EA Pip Scalper is a new trading bot for the MT4/MT5 platform. It claims to help users to trade and give advice. If you have been struggling in trading in foreign exchange, this robot is the help you need. It looks like that we have encountered a legit trading robot. But, unfortunately, it is not.

EA Pip Scalper is also one of the scammers that appears to be a legitimate website at first, but if you look deeper, you will discover that it is not. To confirm what we feel about this robot, we have done some investigation, and we found out that this robot is also a scam.

In this EA Pip Scalper review, we will show you proof that this is a fraud software. Before showing you the evidence, we will tell you something about this app based on its website.

What is EA Pip Scalper?

EA Pip Scalper is also known as the Expert Advisor Pip Scalper, a fully automated trading software that trades all Forex pairs. All you need to do is to sign up, register, and wait. The expert advisor (EA) will do all the work for you. It is recommended for novice professionals, and it is something that traders should take a look at.

This new system has attracted many people, and most of them are signing up and trying their luck in trading. But is it worth investing in? It looks reliable at first look, and you will surely put your money on it as most of the reviews are positive. You will find out later the reasons behind this.

How does it work?

This Autobot is different from the other trading software. With EA Pip Scalper, you need to purchase the bot, download, and install it on any device you want to use in trading. After installing the expert advisor, you need to attach it to MT4/5 Chart. Activate and configure the robot before you could start trading.

EA Pip Scalper auto trading app is highly customizable. This is one thing that makes it unique from others. Some trading systems can produce good profits, but only this bot lets you customize your trading transactions. Or at least it is what the developers try to make believe to really deceive users.

With this app, traders can change the settings if they want to. You can also choose the currencies you wish to trade and the time frames. You can adjust the lot size and the investment amounts, and you can modify the stop loss and the profit levels. With EA Pip Scalper system, it enables you to adjust everything. It only means that you can trade any way that suits you. Fake promises, in the following sections you’re going to realize why this Expert Advisor is a scam.

Why EA Pip Scalper is a scam?

This part of our review will show you the pieces of evidence that will prove this system is nothing but a scam. If the following evidence is not enough to convince you that EA Pip Scalper is a scam, you try it, but don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

Anonymous developer and unregulated project

Reliable and legitimate software usually mention the developer or the name of the person responsible for it. With EA Pip Scalper, no company name, group, or developers were mentioned. They do this on purpose to keep their identity hidden. Thus, people cannot sue them once they realized they lost their investment.

EA Pip Scalper app works under an unregulated scheme, which is not legal in the world of trading.  According to them, they don’t need to be regulated as they are working with leading financial platforms in the USA, Europe, and other nations. But they did not mention the name of these institutions.

Unaudited trading results

EA Pip Scalper is using backtesting to show what this robot can achieve. Offering this kind of unaudited trading results is nonsense since it does not provide the actual picture of what might happen in the live Forex market. 

Also, the website features a video showing more trading results. It is done unprofessionally and of low quality, and it is not clear whether the robot is profitable without a third party auditor sync to verify the track record. Furthermore, the results are from running the software on an auto mathematical algorithm. It is hard to tell whether the robot can perform this good in actual market conditions.

Not disclosing real information

You will see several sites promoting EA Pip Scalper using fake or unaudited results. They are doing this to get a commission from the affiliate marketing program. The robot is using such a program to encourage people to buy the software. Below you can check an image of a user scammed by this expert advisor who is exposing his experience about the scam in FPA.

EA Pip Scalper

Scam affiliates add the tracked links to the review that redirect the user to the scam website. When the user registers and buys the software, the affiliate gets his commission. It’s because of this why you can see websites that promote fraud software.


EA Pip Scalper is a scam. It may look like a legitimate site, particularly for those who are just starting with Forex trading. But, if you check all the vital details on it, you will surely see the reasons why we consider it a scam. This review has shown the evidence we have found during our investigation. It is for you to decide whether to trust the software or not.

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Is EA Pip Scalper safe?

If you want to take the risk, you can purchase their software. But, based on our investigation, it is not safe to trade using this robot.

Do I need to pay anything after availing of the software?

No. According to them, it is a one-time payment product. You only need to pay for the product’s lifetime license key to access all features and start trading in autopilot.

What is an expert advisor (EA)?

EA is an acronym for Expert Advisors. EAs are trading algorithms developed mainly for MT4 and MT5. Once you install it, the software trades on autopilot.

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