Duplicash is Scam! Critical Review

This complete Duplicash review will expose the lies and deceit hidden in this software. This app was designed by Eduard Mason and claims that he can provide the traders $1300 profit every day. The problem it is that is scam so we are sure that the system cannot provide such amount. It is just like other scam applications.

We noticed some negative reviews about them so we decided to investigate and write a review about it to warn the people.  To be honest, such idea can be very enticing and beneficial for many new traders if only the pro traders really exist. Actually, our Duplicash review shows that there is forgery within their platform and there are complaints for lack of accuracy.

One of our staff has tested the app for a week and what he found out is disappointing because it perform at 50% win rate only. So, we decided to focus our attention on testing other trading app to minimize our losses. But, we were able to collect enough evidence to prove to you that Duplicash is scam and misleading. The main purpose of this review is to warn people about Duplicashapp.com to keep them protected against the fraud program. Below are some of the evidences that we have gathered to show you that this app is full of lies and deceit. Rather than telling people that you can earn $1300 a day, Eduard Mason camouflaged the offer by stating that you will earn 5 figure incomes fast.

Before we go any further with this review, let us first discuss how the platform works. Duplicashapp.com supposedly enable the users to mimic how a pro trader trades using this program. According to Eduard Mason, he has expert traders one of which is a student from Warren Buffett and the other traders earning for their 3,000 members. Honestly, we haven’t heard of Duplicash Trading app ever and if they are really successful, they could have been known by many traders. We find copying a successful trader a good idea, but sad to say Duplicash is not working.

The reason why this Duplicash application is not performing well is because of the truth that the pro traders are actually useless trading algorithm. They were lying about the student of Warren Buffet or technical experts that provides their services using this application. Its social network infrastructure does not exist but still it promises to provide the users $1300 earning a day. Aside from this, there are other similar scam elements that we in other fraud software that is also present with duplicashapp.com.

We suggest that you read our Duplicash review from start to finish to help you decide whether to trust Duplicashapp.com or not.

Duplicash is Scam – Three Evidences

Duplicash supposedly developed by Eduard Mason was released in January 2016. They were claiming that they can help traders earn up to $1300 per day. Actually Duplicash uses the same platform that other scam apps use. They only differ on the logo and colors. Keep in mind that the first thing you need to consider when searching for the right trading robot is if they will link your account to regulated brokers.

Since we know that Duplicash is scam, obviously they are linked to unregulated brokers.

First Evidence – The Real Identity of the Developer

If you look at the image of Eduard Mason, it’s obvious that Eduard Mason is a fake. His photo was taken from Shutterstock and was purchased by the scammers behind this app. This guy is a fictitious character and you should not believe any word he says, all of them are lies. He is not a binary options trader and definitely not earning huge profit using Duplicash.

There is nothing real about this guy from Duplicash. Even if you search for him in all the search engines and forums, you will not encounter his name at all. If he is an expert trader his name will be known in trading forums.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

As expected, the testimonials are not reliable as well. Just like its alleged developer, the people giving their testimonies about Duplicash are also fake individuals. These are actors paid to lie in front of the camera to make people believe that it is a reliable app. This is common to all scam programs.

Duplicash has created a short video so people will have a hard time identifying those in the video. But we were able to find one of their actors.

Third Evidence – Not Free

This is the common misconception to many scam software. They claim that it is free software but actually it’s a fraud. After you sign up, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to fund your account before you can continue. So, it’s not free at all. You need to pay the minimum amount before you could be able to use the system. Definitely Duplicash is scam.

Duplicash Review Conclusion

This review proves that Duplicash is scam, is nothing but a fraud. The evidences presented are clear and even an ordinary individual can easily detect these things. We recommend that you should not trust this system at all. If you want to give this app a chance, be prepared to lose everything.

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