Dubai Lifestyle is Scam! Critical Review

This Dubai Lifestyle review developed by Scott Hathaway is the latest scam binary options trading system. The looks really an empty website with a muddled, chaotic, disorders, demoralized, and unsystematic video about a man who once dream to help change the life of many people for the better through an auto trader that he designed, developed and implemented. Sorry to say, the website is as stupid as those other scam systems. It seems like traders and ordinary people are now getting smarter, keener, niftier, intelligent and wise on choosing the right software to help them in auto trading.

Therefore, before you even tried to sign up with the Dubai Lifestyle Software and get trapped, victimized, abused and wronged and be added in their list of scammed traders, make sure that you read our comprehensive, thorough, careful, absolute, in-depth and systematic Dubai Lifestyle review from start to finish. This Dubai Lifestyle review will reveal, expose, bare, show, and uncover the lies and deceptive, misinforming and confusing information that includes the fictional, unreal and imaginary identity of its developer Scott Hathaway.

The story on how the system started was narrated in their website and is about its developer, creator, and maker Scott Hathaway. In the video, he claims to be the owner and the prime character in developing this auto trader system. According to him he transferred to Dubai from Iowa two years ago with only $500 in his pocket and he dreamed of becoming one of the wealthiest people on earth. His goal is to create, built, form and build up an automated auto trader app to generate millions of dollars using his system. He met with Mahmood brothers who happened to support and believed on his system has given him a total amount of not less than $430,000 to start building the application. He already has the idea, plans and other things in his mind but he was not able to start because of not enough resources.

Dubai Lifestyle is Scam – Three Evidences

After reading the facts, details and information about the Dubai Lifestyle software, you might have some thoughts of signing up and give the system a try. But, before doing that make sure you read all the real and untruth facts about the system.  Before you go even further, and find the reasons why we insist that Dubai Lifestyle software is scam here are three evidences that will support our stand.  After reading this Dubai Lifestyle review we are certain that you will agree with us.

To help him complete, and work on the technical side of his system, Scott Hathaway hired qualified, proficient, experienced and skilled programmers, and software engineers. After six months of hard work, experimenting, trial and error and system testing they managed to develop the final auto trader software which according to them has 99.8% win rate and has the capabilities in producing a daily profit of $7000. That’s amazing! But wait, before you can even press the sign up bottom make sure that you have read this Dubai Lifestyle review from start up to the end. Even the most experienced, knowledgeable, proficient, expert, skilled and veteran trader thinks that this win rate they are referring to is not real.

The Dubai Lifestyle software was launched only in Dubai first for 90 days as part of what the Mahmood brothers and he agreed upon. They were successful in encouraging, persuading, attracting and enticing around 319 Dubai residents and helped them generate a tremendous and great amount of money amounting to $2 million dollars each.

First Evidence – Scott Hathaway of is a Paid Actor

Meet Scott Hathaway the supposed owner of the Dubai Lifestyle system and meet his look alike from Shutterstock.  Actually, it’s the same person, he is an actor being paid per hour for his service to narrate the facts about Dubai Lifestyle and pretend as the owner/developer of the app. They thought this will make the system look reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and honest software. By doing this they will have better opportunities to lure, attract, persuade, encourage and convince traders to sign up and invest on the app. Scott Hathaway is a stolen image which has been utilized to this scheme. Another obvious lie is the story when he travels alone to Dubai with an idea with only $500 in his pocket. Please get real a young boy traveling alone? Do you think that is convincing enough to entice traders to deposit in your system and trade? Sorry to disappoint you it won’t work at all. Not with today’s intelligent traders.

Even the those traders that testify about the software are all fake and was paid actors from a popular site known as The good thing is that people are aware of this type of scam strategy that they are not easily convinced even if they read the users testimonies. This sort of technique to encourage, urge, promote, push and entice the traders and to make your look reliable and something that can be trusted is not working anymore. These actors are receiving $5 for every 50 words they advertise an auto trader and they should be very convincing so people will invest on their program. The scammers behind this system create a script for them to deliver during the recording. Sometimes instead of getting the services of these actors, they simple search for photos in Shutterstock or in other sites and use them as one of their members. How someone would know if they are fake members? Easy their name is not clickable or there is any link that will direct to the social media sites of these individuals.

Second Evidence – Impossible Daily Profits and Win Rate Percentage

The Dubai Lifestyle software also claims that he and his teams of engineers and programmers have managed to make the app on complete automated mode with 99.8 % win rate. And because of this the traders who will sign up and invest on the system will be able to generate, produce, earn and make a daily earning of $7000. That’s a lot of money $35,000 a week and around $140,000 a month. A member can become a millionaire in less than a year. These claims is absolutely and without a doubt not associated with the binary options trading and apparently, clearly, absolutely not possible and not viable. Nice try! But we don’t think traders would believe this. People do want to earn more money but telling them these lies would not help them to do so.

Furthermore, if you check out the most recommended and highly praised auto trader in the auto trading industry, which based on the Fibonacci numbers tool, an extraordinary and advanced fundamental trading strategy that has been tested by many traders worldwide, you can accomplish, produce more than +/- $900 per day. Also, automated software is not a risk-free system or some software refers to it as no loss app. Even legit, reliable, dependable and trustworthy auto trader experience some loses sometimes and there is nothing a program can do about it. The most viable and real win rate ratio of the most dependable auto trading system is around 85% to be able to earn on a regular basis.

Third Evidence – The Date the Software was Registered

Originally, this scam app was developed and intended only for 350 residents of Dubai within 90 days. According to the narrator around 319 users were lucky to enjoy the benefits of earning and generating millions from this program. Let’s review Hathaway’s claim. He arrived in Dubai 2 years ago and within 6 months he was able to finish this scam application after getting the support and opened the software for regular traders in the market. That is around 18 months ago. This is definitely and clearly another lie and we can prove this to you. If you check the domain in it will reveal that it will show you that the software was registered on July 6, 2016 which makes it around 65 days from the time this review was written. It is not what the traders are expecting from you.

Dubai Lifestyle Review Conclusion

This Dubai Lifestyle review proves that this system is nothing but a scam. Earning $7000 daily with 99.8% win rate is far from reality and is impossible to takes place in the trading industry, and absolutely not with an auto trader app.  The Dubai Lifestyle is scam that has been developed to control, maneuver, and manipulate new traders with fake and misleading information to encourage, attract, persuade and lure them to sign up and invest on the system so the scammers can get some good amount of commissions. This app is in no way legit and cannot be trusted. The characters from the supposed to be owners up to those who have given their testimonies are all actors from

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