Digital Altitude is Scam! Real Review

This Digital Altitude review will provide you detailed information on how Michael Force system works and what make us believe that Digital Altitude is scam. Through this review we will reveal to you the bogus process this scam applies and how they were able to trick people. The scam main target is those individuals who are just starting out with their business but are not certain where and how to start.

Actually, with the present situation of our economy, more people are looking for ways to earn more online. Some people are tired of doing the same old thing and prefer something that they will enjoy, designed to meet their goals in life. It does not matter what the motivation you have to become your own boss, you can start today. This Digital Altitude review will surely help people decide whether to trust this company or not.

Let’s start our Digital Altitude review by giving you information about what is this scam system all about through their site. This is an online course that teaches entrepreneurs on how to build and start with their firm through the help of their unique products and live events. These products they are offering are essential and crucial for those who wish to develop a digital company where they can generate more money fast. According to its website it is the most comprehensive cyber marketing coaching ever built by 7-figure digital marketers, for virtual marketers. As to what we have discovered through this review, this scam scheme supposed to be teaching virtual entrepreneurs how to profit big from their digital establishment through their unique coaching products and world-class live events.

The features that you require for your corporation from merchant and payroll services to customer assistance. There are lots more in this training or coaching platform that will continue to strive to offer an educational incubator and society of people with the same mind set to share and intensify your success. According to Michael Force on with the use of this program, you can kick your venture to success fast into high gear on auto pilot. Your sales funnels increases, more resources, tools and a lot more. It includes high commission backend products and customized branding solutions that will boost conversions and sales through the roof.

To make our Digital Altitude review even more accurate and comprehensive we will enumerate to you some of the scam program main features as presented on

  • 60 plus hours of video trainings and private digital client for life coaches.
  • 7-figure sales funnels and websites and follow-up sequences and sales.
  • High commission back end products and done for you branding solutions
  • Traffic and social media solutions and latest tools and resources
  • Merchant and payroll services and support, forums and live chat
  • Community and leadership and networking, live events and coaching

These products and offers sound impressive and real but you will learn with this review why we consider this as scam. It is an online marketing, teaching platform and sales system designed by 7-figure digital marketers for starters. This scam scheme is intended for those who want to learn how to earn their first dollar fast. Your coach will help you produce your first $1000. Then it will eventually increase to $3000 every month. Your profit will further increase to $5000 and up to $10000. This Digital Altitude review is trying to find out how claims that their model is a proven success to many. According to Michael Force it has been tested by thousands of enterprise owners who anonymously and quietly make small fortunes online. This hoax scheme was not created for business individuals. But for dads, waiters, moms, college dropouts, high school graduates, passionate creatives and anyone in between.

Digital Altitude is Scam – Three Evidences

There is lots of hype circulating with this company, and many entrepreneurs have claimed that they have produce lots of money in a short period of time. There’s one review that claims that one user has made $1312.84 and in 7 days it has generated $17071.67 in the first by just following this scam step by step system. We will explain to you in this review why you as a novice, will not be able to generate the said result. We are not being pessimistic; we are just trying to be realistic.

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First Evidence – Michael Force the Founder of Several Other Scam Programs

The Digital Altitude founder Michael Force was also one of the lead developers of another online marketing school known as Carbon Copy Pro. When the Carbon Copy Pro was being red flagged many times it changes its name into 6-Figure Mentors. This has forced Michael Force to change his path. There is a complaint filed against him for his work ethic.  He is also one of Empower Network pioneers, another MLM company which is about to close out. This company applies unscrupulous techniques to encourage new subscribers. Furthermore, he was the personal coach of a scam known as the Mobile Money Code. Force was also the leading developers of My Top Tier Business or MTTB, this is the reason why the training materials in Digital Altitude are identical to MTTB. With these things being associated with Force, you would be curious as to what sort of product he can designed. There is no doubt, he has produced lots of money doing what he did, but whether or not its ethical, is another story to tell.

Second Evidence – The System Works Identically with 2 Scam Schemes

We have found out during our Digital Altitude review that this money making opportunity works the same way as the My Top Tier Business and Six Figure Mentors. Actually, most of his materials used in this software are a spun off from MTTB. As we checked out the training materials in this fraud scheme, we find the slides presented in familiar as if we have seen in before in some other programs and we are right about it. This one of the reasons why we consider Digital Altitude is scam.  Just like MTTB and Six Figure Mentors you will also hit a roadblock. Before you can go any further, you need to schedule a call with your mentor. For starters, this could be a good experience since you are just beginning and it is a good that someone is there to assist you, but for more experienced entrepreneurs this is quite annoying. After evaluating Digital altitude, we can say that it is without a doubt it is a clone scheme of MTTB. One proof is that both programs are being presented by one person only Michael Force.

Third Evidence – Upgrades Will Cost you a Lot

The results of this program will vary from one marketer to another. The claim of this scam is very disturbing that convinced us that it is definitely a work of scammers. After undergoing through training, hitting barriers one after another, still we haven’t seen a preview of the actionable products that could bring me closer to my goals. All I get are general knowledge materials concerning the internet marketing. Every time you contact your mentor, he will insist that you should upgrade any membership, and the price of each upgrade escalates. After completing the upgrade, you will be asked to spend more money. It lowers your overall income tremendously. Those entrepreneurs who claimed that they have produced lots of money in a short period of time are those who are more experienced on online marketing. Their success in this scheme has nothing to do with the lessons learned in the program.

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Digital Altitude Review Conclusion

After discovering that Michael Force is just reusing the content that she had from another previous scam, we therefore conclude that Digital Altitude is scam. After checking their website we have found out that the primary purpose of why the scammer has put up this system is because they also want to earn. This system is something that we will not recommend at all.

If you find this review helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and relatives or someone you know who is interested in using this app.

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