is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

For those who want to know more about HYIP, this review is for you. The first thing you need to know before investing is what to invest for. This latest real estate investment high yield investment plan is getting popular and is preparing to scam as many people as they can. This review will include everything how the company works, what are their offers and all the lies in Detron.

For those who thought that this is a legit company, sorry to disappoint you. This program is a clone of the recently exposed Richmond Berks scam. It already scammed thousands of people and if you will not read our review you will be victimized as well. We want to warn you is a scam, please don’t believe every word they say. We know that some of you are reading our review after you got scammed by them or other HYIP scam and lose your money. You want to know how you can get your investment back. is a high yield investment program. According to them they will help you earn up to 150% on your total investment. This money comes to you every day in increments until your total earning is 150%. The company is registered in the UK. But it does not mean that Detron regulated or insured. It also means that if one invests his dollars to them, there is a risk of losing it. The website is not safe and we have considered it as very dangerous one. You might get hack and stole your personal information. It is not secured and is for sale upon checking. They are accepting bids for anyone who wants to purchase their domain.

One question you have in mind would be is this bad. Actually, it is much worse. But for those who have good business sense, one will not pursue his plan of investing your cash on it. As what we know about HYIP will not last longer. Within three months they will shut down the website and take all the remaining funds with them. This what other HYIP scam companies do. So if you still haven’t deposited your cash, do not deposit them at all. You might regret it if one do so. is Scam – Three Evidence

According to they make money by investing good amount of their funds into buying old properties, houses or land and then resell it for a higher price. Also, they claim that most of their business is being done in Central and Eastern Europe. They also have some transactions in Florida, USA. These are all the same lie that Richmond Berks told its members.

Before you decide and make further action it is best that you read our review first. We will prove to you in this review that this firm is a scam.

First Evidence – No Proof of Investment on Real Estate

The company has only been online for three months. They do not have any details online about buying or selling of properties. Even their website fails to provide any proof.  A legit real estate investment company will provide reports to the location of the properties they buy and also the profit they have made when we made a sale.

Keep in mind being an investor you have the right to see the proof where your money is going. provide no proof at all. They are operating to trick those who are new in the business and it works.

Second Evidence – Unknown Owner/Developer

Another problem with is that they have not released the name of the developer or owner or their team responsible for the website. Again, a legit site has bios, information and photos on their owners and team. Detron operates under the theory that you do not care who owns or controls their money, you simply want to give your earnings.

After reviewing several financial scams, we noticed that all the victims have something in common. They all forgot to research the owner of the firm where they are entrusting their money. In fact, there are some who invested thousands of dollars to the site that does not even provide credible information. Some of these sites like don’t have a hacking and virus protection.

It is important that you keep yourself protected and stop giving your money to sites that do not provide proof or any valid info about their owner. If one gives your cash to them, you will surely lose them all.

Third Evidence – Ponzi Scheme

There are some people who have been scammed and had their accounts blocked and lost their money. Some claimed to be paid. In this kind of business they pay only for their top partners and choose who else they grant withdrawals too. Their main goal is to collect a big portion of their funds so they can close down and run away. Keep in mind they are not a real estate investment. They are only a Ponzi scheme that pays withdrawals using the money of new investors. This kind of business does not stay long in the industry. Once has collected enough cash, they will close the website and disappear without any warning. is a Scam Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that this is a scam. A website with unknown owner/developer proves that there is nothing real about it. A company that applies Ponzi scheme normally doesn’t last longer. Once they have enough funds, you will never hear from them. Before you invest make sure that you are dealing with a legit company.

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