Delta App is Scam! An Honest Review

This comprehensive Delta App review will expose the lies and deception in their website. This review was written to warn people and to keep their money protected against scam. We reviewed hundreds of app and we sure DeltaApp is scam and you should not trust them at all.

Before you take further action we suggest your read our Delta App review first. If you have plans in trying out this software, you need to be prepared to lose everything you have invested. Jake Hammel is the alleged founder of this scam but as you continue reading this review you will found out who is he.

The founder and CEO of this latest binary scam is Jake Hammel. This trading system promises to help the traders earn $1350 daily.  Actually, it is quite a high profit for a new system. This too good to be true earnings is an indication that the system is a scam, so you should be careful. Our review will determine and reveal if the has the capability to provide such earnings. You should not believe every word or promises a system offers particularly in trading. Most of the time the people behind the app are doing this to attract more traders to join them. So if you are really interested in trading be cautious if not you will lose all your money.

This full Delta App review will help you decide whether or not to trust them. Initially, we found lots of misleading information on their website. We suggest that you read our review from start to finish before you make further action. This will keep you away from trouble and problems. Being victimized of a scam system can cost you time and money you probably don’t have to spare. So continue reading our review so you will not fall into their trap.

Delta App is Scam – Three Evidences

From the moment we saw the headline of Delta App we already knew that it is a scam. And as we explore the website we discover lots of reasons why we should consider this app as a scam. Finding evidences is easy since the people behind this program were not careful in polishing their website. All that you see in are fake, from the supposed developer to reviews and so on. They have wasted their time copying others work thinking that it will help them earn a lot.

Let’s discuss the things the software offers. The first thing you will notice when you visit is this statement “Grab instant access to the exact software that makes at least $1,350 Every Single Day”. Sounds encouraging but does their system really has the capability to provide it? Next, one will see their promo video full of luxurious cars and other things that will really excite. Then Jake Hammel will appear the supposed CEO and developer of the Before he starts to discuss about the system, she visited a new user by the name of Kate Matthews. Upon checking to her account she earned $22,005 after signing up. She just signed up the night before Jake visited him. Are you really impressed now? Don’t be, on the next paragraphs of our review we will show you why you should not believe them at all.

First Evidence – Fake CEO and Developer

Jake Hammel the alleged developer or CEO of this app claims to be a technical architect for NASA for the Delta GPS Satellite program. His experience was combined with the trading knowledge of a man named Zach and developed the Delta App trading program. The application depends on granular data and super-fast transfer of data because of GPS technology, thus delivering a zero-risk trading experience. Keep in mind there is no such thing as zero-risk trading. Upon checking Jake Hammel is not real.

Just like other fake websites the character was created by the scammers behind the application. Actually, we have found one website where the alleged Jake Hammel also appears using different name. It looks like he is an actor, paid to act in front of the camera. A clear indication that Delta App is a scam software.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Aside from having a non-existent creator, there is another proof that will prove that Delta is scam. Just like other trading robot, this app hires actors and actresses to give testimonials pretending to be satisfied users. Our investigations revealed that the testimonies provided on their video as well on are fabricated and the images are taken from stock photos. They are doing this to build reputation but it back fires on them from the time we expose their lies and misleading information. Check out the photo of the man named Pablo Del Mundo, as you can see his image was taken from a website that offers online services including fake testimonials.

Third Evidence – Fake Available Slots

According to Jake Hammel, the alleged developer, the system would be available only on the following 10 areas, 5 spots for each region – Western Europe, Central and South America, UK, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, Africa, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia and the Middle East. If the system really works, then why there are still spots available each time someone visits the website? They are doing this to pressure you to sign up. This is yet another clear sign that this application is a fraud.

Delta App Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Delta App is scam, this software is nothing but a fraud. The fake owners, fake testimonials and fake available slots are a clear sign that this system is a scam and people should not trust them at all. So, if you still believe that it is worth trying for, then you can try it at your own risk.

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