Dating and Romance

The number of individuals looking for romantic partners online is increasing. Its because of this why internet crooks are growing. They take advantage of this and people should be on the lookout. Basically the invitation is sent to you via dating websites, social media or apps by pretending to be interested buyers. The scammers target your emotions and thus encourage you to work harder and send you email requiring you to pay the money or personal information.

Learn More about Dating and Romance Scams

The process of dating and romance is easy to understand.

  • Most of the time dating and romance scams take place via an app known as online dating websites. However, there are instances where scammers may likewise use email or social media to contact you. They are also known to call their victims to introduce the scam. This type of scam is also referred to as catfishing.
  • Crooks create fake online profiles intended to attract, entice, invite or lure you in. You can change her name and may use imaginary, unreal and fictitious name, or you can take on the identities of trusted, real individuals like military personnel, professionals working abroad and aid workers.
  • In a short period of time scammers may show strong emotions right away and will ask you to join him in a more private channel like email, instant messaging or phone. Most of the time, they will tell you that they are from Australia or from other western countries, but working overseas.
  • Cyber crooks will do everything to gain your trust, like addressing you with loving words, sending you gifts and sharing personal data. It usually takes a month before the scammers can finally convince you and fall into their trapped. They will make you feel that the romance is for real and it will last a lifetime. Sometimes they promise you that they will visit you in your homeland but it will never happen.
  • If they feel you are helpless and madly in love with him, he will start asking for gifts, money, personal information, even bank accounts and credit cards information. He might also ask for your videos or pictures in an intimate nature.
  • The crook would normally ask for money for emergency or personal reasons. For instance, he may tell you that one of his family members is very sick and requires an operation or he may say that the family experience bad luck and he is in need of a huge amount of money to help him survive. He can also ask money and tell you that he wants to travel to visit but he does not have the money to do so. And since you are deeply in love with him already, you would send him money for his travel expenses and plane tickets.
  • There are some instances where he will send you valuable items like computers, mobile phones and other gadgets, and will ask you to resend the items somewhere. He will fabricate convincing reason as to why you have to send the items but he is doing this just to cover up for his criminal act. Sometimes he would ask you to purchase the item and you will pay her back and send it somewhere. He might ask you to accept the money you will send and he will ask you to deposit it to someone else.

Have you been Scammed?

Scammers are getting better these days and they are increasing in number, if you are one of their victims or received a scam email you can report them to us at You should inform your family, friends and colleagues to keep them safe. Read our blog SubmitScams and know the latest scams that people report to us and keep yourself protected against them.

If in case you have provided these scammers your passport, bank account details, or other personal information call your bank, financial institution or other agencies right away to inform them.

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Please help us to warn people about internet frauds by reporting them: Submit Scam.


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