Daily Binary Profits is Scam! Trading Software Review

This Daily Binary Profits review will expose the lies behind its impressive dailybinaryprofits.com website. The system is just like other scams you will find on the market today. This scheme has been modified several times and this is version 7. Binary options trading are very popular these days and scammers are taking advantage of it. They develop and create applications to attract traders and investors to invest so they can steal their money. There is no doubt the use of Internet for trading has become very popular. This is an excellent area where even the inexperienced investors can try and earn big. Through binary options trading, investors can make money fast and easy. Even if you invest a low amount of money, you can earn big with the help of legit software.

Due to the sudden splurge in the use of these apps for trading, there are lots of platforms being introduced in the market. Some are legit and many are not. One of them is the Daily Binary Profits with dailybinaryprofits.com as their website. The platform has simple and easy to understand trading techniques, which even the novice trader can understand. They claim that the trader will get steady flow of profits directly to your trading account on a daily basis. Even if one invest a small amount of money, you can still earn from trading through the help of a legit app.

This application is binary trading software that follows several logical steps along with trading indicators, all of them are popular. However, they have been modified and boosted to produce multi-dimensional platform. According to them the scheme was designed for both long and short term trades. The long term trades are predicted more accurately generating higher returns on investment. The short term trades usually takes around 30 to 60 seconds and they are also very effective and can generate fast income as well.

Daily Binary Profits is Scam – Three Evidences

In this Daily Binary Profits review we will show that it is a scam and that you will only lose your money once you invested on it. We have mentioned above that this tool has a 91% winning rate and you can earn up to $257 each day. The amount is achievable but this does not prove that it’s legit.

The scammers behind this platform are promoting this software vigorously. They claim that it has friendly interface with easy to understand instructions, visual icons to help you with your next step and simple charting to avoid confusion. It also has popup and sound alerts to update the users. They also claim that their system has 91% success rate you can be sure that the user will get alerted each time there is a new trade. It can predict success accurately.

As we continue with our Daily Binary Profits review we will show you evidences that will prove it is a scam and you should stay away from it.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonials

If you are new in trading then you probably will not notice that scam application uses fake characters to make fake reviews. They are usually actors from fiverr.com and are paid to lie in front of the camera to convince people to join this app. They claim that they are users who are earning a lot with the help of this tool. As a proof, check out the guy in the photo above he is an actor from fiverr.com and is being paid for five dollars.

Second Evidence – Fabricated Results

The dailybinaryprofits.com presents a lot of trades and account statements that looks positive. However, these trades are either isolated or fake. Creating a profitable trade is easy. The ratio is around 1:1. So, if you make several trades continuously there is a possibility that you will get at least one profitable. This is what scammers are trying to show. They are just showing the good ones and not the bad ones. But the most important thing is the one that provide long term results. To make their system looks legit they need to fake the trading account image, check out the image above, the dates from the result with actual market do not correspond on the date alongside the balance. Definitely, this app is fake.

Also this tool will force you to deposit money with unlicensed broker. You will not be able to test the app until you deposit money with the broker of their choice. It’s because the broker pays them a commission for referring new investors. That is the primary purpose of this scam.

Third Evidence – Anonymous Developer

The developers of legit software are usually proud and will show themselves. They will show people who are behind the team that developed the system. This is not the case with this app. They forgot to mention the name of the developers or even their CEO. It is a clear indication that it’s a scam and people would not believe an anonymous system.

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Daily Binary Profits is Scam – Conclusion

With the above evidences presented in this review, we can confidently say that Daily Binary Profits is scam and traders should stay away from it. First, the testimonials of the supposed users are not real. The scammers behind this app are paying actors to act as someone who earn big by using their system. The faked result, traders are checking out on trading results before investing on it. To make dailybinaryprofits.com looks legit they have fabricated results but we were able to figure it out.

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