Crystal House is Scam! Investment Company Review

You are reading this Crystal House review because you want to know if it is scam or not. It’s probably what you have in mind after encountering in the internet. Unfortunately, it looks like we have another scam company. We have visited its website and by simply looking at it we can easily say that yes it will be soon added on the list of fraud system.

So, we suggest that you read our complete review about it and you decide if we are right or wrong on saying that Crystal House is scam. But before we go any further with our review, it is just right to present to you the software based on their claims. Keep in mind not all platform popular online is legit, be very careful in choosing the right program for your trading needs.

Let’s explore According to them the company is an investment website that can help high yield investment plan followers to earn 5.35% a day for one month or 109% after ten days. It sounds like if you invested money on it, you will earn only at the first month, but they are not sure what will happen on the succeeding weeks. It is one of their weirdest claims we have heard. This is the reasons why we were prompted to write this review.

CrystalHouse is developed to investor’s money. Yes, you have read it right the firm is stealing money instead of helping people to earn. However, there are some blog owners who are earning thru this because they were chosen to lie about the system. Don’t worry we are not one of them. You can easily detect them, if the site is promoting the program vigorously, then you are reading a blog paid by scammers. If you will notice the business is pretending to be in the UK, but the truth is they originate from Russia, so you better take note of this. They claim to be a unique HYIP that provides people high Return of Investment up to 60% within 30 days. This is a huge amount of money. But is it real? We are here to prove is lying. Below are some evidences as proof of their deceptions and lies.

Crystal House is Scam – Three Evidences

Let’s continue with our review. One important thing that we want to point out is that this website is risky not only because it is an HYIP, but because the group is lying on many things. Some claims could be real but it will eventually become a scam in the future.

According to, if you are in search of an easy and fast investment program this business is what you are looking for. But wait, if they can help people earn then why there are lots of complaints about them.

Below are the three lies that is very obvious and a clear indication of being a scam. Read our Crystal House review carefully and you will find out why.

First Evidence – Hiding the Identity of the Real Owner/Developer

Let’s analyze deeply their website to find out if the firm is honest and transparent or just like other scam software. The most vital thing to point out is that they intentionally not divulge any information about the developer. The name was not revealed and even the website registration is unknown, which only means they do not want anyone to know who they are. It’s not good considering that they claim to be very successful with housing investments. Why would they hide their name? You don’t have to be genius to figure out that when a website hides the real identity of their CEO, team and admins, there is something fishy.

Second Evidence – The Domain is For Sale

It is quite alarming, the scammers behind this business is promoting the website but upon checking it as we complete our Crystal House review we have found out that the domain is now for sale. It only means that by the time you read our review or access the website it will be purchased by another group and thus the app will have its new owner. This is simply ridiculous. Definitely, this website is a clear scam and you should not trust them at all.

Third Evidence – No Traces of Investment in Housing

They are claiming that they have been making money by just selling the cottages since 2012. This is not real. After thorough research and investigation, we cannot find any traces of their transaction on cottages from 2012 up today. Crystal House company is only new that has no online data about their transaction and there is nothing to show to prove that they are really successful. So, do not trust them at all.

Crystal House Review Conclusion

Obviously, after this thorough review we therefore conclude that this company is a scam and people should trust them. Crystal House is scam because of the above evidences. Actually, there are lots of reasons why we consider this as scam, one is the unknown developer which is a no no. Two, they do not have previous transaction records which is not a sign of a good app. And finally, their domain is under for sale.

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