CryptoWealthFund is Scam! An Honest Review

You are reading this CryptoWealthFund review because you want to know whether this company is a scam or legit. We have written this review to show you how this system works and prove to you that it is a scam. There are lots of reviews written about Crypto Wealth Fund but our review is complete and thorough that will help you a lot in deciding. Let’s start by introducing to you the company.

According to their website, it is a Dubai based mining and forex trading company. It offers everyone the chance to make money through forex trading. The first thing you should do if you visit their website is to create an account. This step is easy and self-explanatory. Once you have created an account, all you need to do is to log in and you will have complete access to the site. By accessing your account, one can see your balance, withdrawal and others. The different plans are introduced on the CryptoWealthFund homepage and you can calculate which one will suit you best. also has support system that will help in case you need anything. According to them their website has secure withdrawals, topnotch security, and unparalleled support, the Crypto Wealth Team will help you succeed. This scheme is designed to reduce the risk for the members and produce the profit on daily and monthly basis. One can access the software at any device but you need to configure it first. The power allotment can be done from anywhere and is disseminated among different currencies. There’s no need for licensed investor to start investing. CryptoWealthFund has nothing to offer.

CryptoWealthFund is Scam – Three Evidences

During our CryptoWealthFund review we found out that the was registered on November 2, 2016. No information about the owner or who runs the business. So, this is where we focus our review to prove this as scam and there is nothing into it. We checked out the Facebook account and found out that the name of its administrator is Ahmad Shiekh. It looks like that Crypto Wealth Fund is just another MLM company and as we all know a company that operates like this usually does not last longer.

First Evidence – Unknown Owner/CEO

We have made a thorough CryptoWealthFund review trying to find out who owns the system but unfortunately no information was given that will lead to the real identity of the app. The first thing every interested investor usually checks before they sign up is the credibility of its owner. But in this case they did not mention anything about it. It’s either they want it hidden to protect its identity or they don’t want to divulge the name just in case a problem occurs people will have a hard time pursuing them.

Would you trust a system that is owned anonymously? Definitely not, clearly it’s a sign that CryptoWealthFund is a fraud.

Second Evidence – No Products or Services

The CryptoWealthfund system depends on the number of investors in order to pay the earlier investors. This is how a high yield investment program works. No products or services to sell. So, if there is no new investor the company will have a hard time paying their partners and they might eventually claim for bankruptcy. Only a legit company with other investment programs can survive such industry.

Most of the time HYIP businesses are short term. They closed up without informing their investors. Then they open up a new business with different name. Thus, we recommend that you should not trust CryptoWealthFund or you will be sorry.

Third Evidence – No Proof of Profit

The reliability and credibility of CryptoWealthfund will depend on how successful the investors are. In the case of Crypto Wealth Fund there is no proof that their investors are actually earning. Not even a single testimony was posted anywhere onlinewhich makes this software very suspicious, actually we are very sure that this is a scam. There is nothing into it.

The plans offered by CryptoWealthFund are fabricated none of them really exists. Even an ordinary individual can make a review and attest that it is a scam.

CryptoWealthFund Review Conclusion

This thorough CryptoWealthFund review proves that this platform is nothing but a scam. The signs of being a scam are very obvious and we are sure that everybody will agree on this. However, for those who want to give this system a chance, then its their choice but make sure that you are prepared to lose your hard-earned money.

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