Cryptolux is Scam! Trading Bot Review

This Cryptolux review is about a fairly new company that has been the talk of the town for the last couple of weeks. As they claim that their payment system will shake the whole economical system up by disrupting and changing the bureaucratic and slow-moving financial system we currently have.

They have a very optimistic view of how the world should be, as they suggest that everyone should be able to easily and safely trade. What’s more, we should all be in full control of our own operations. In other words, we should leave banks, the state and any other either private or public institution set aside as we create our own economical path to follow.

What is Cryptolux?

Cryptolux is the name of a new financial company that focuses on financial network and where you can easily make payments and transactions by using the blockchain technology.

According to their website, Cryptolux can create a full payment system that is both transparent and anonymous. Even though they explicitly tell you that the transaction you make will be public but your name will be hidden. This still seems a little bit odd, don’t you think? Why would I like my transaction to become public? If we are trying to do something new, why would we go back to the old ways?

Also, Crypto Lux claims that it is almost impossible to hack their network as it is decentralized of the company that provides the blockchain technology. We like to say that there are no impossibles in life, only hard things to accomplish.

Continue reading our Cryptolux review to know why this trading bot is scam.

Cryptolux is scam?

In short, yes, Cryptolux is scam and now we are going to explain three unquestionable evidences about this fake scheme.

First Proof – Secure transactions

Even though we have gathered from Cryptolux’s website that the platform was created by independent users, we are still a little bit sceptical about how a platform like this works on a daily basis.

Surely they offer fast and secure transactions, according to them that is, but how do they create a decentralized and self-regulated environment where you are using the blockchain technology in order to maximize earnings? We couldn’t find anywhere on their website, real information about those ‘’independent users’’ who have created Cryptolux. This seems very mysterious to us.

Second Proof – Initial Coin Offering

Another interesting thing we found when researching about Cryptolux is that if you want to invest in this platform you must first participate in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), that only allows up to 50,000 people to register and thus participate. This is and old tactic that marketing agencies have used for years, they simply want you to feel as if you are running out of time and you must obey to whatever they say. In this case, you need to join and become a member of the false 50,000 users,

They even go a step ahead and tell you that if you want to find a great price for this cryptocurrency then you should be quick! They are just putting pressure on you, and nobody should make you feel stressed out. Especially when you are about to invest some money onto something.

In other words, they need the funds to launch this platform, and this is not new, of course all companies need funds and investments, but are you sure you would like to invest in Cryptolux? Have you read everything you need to know about them before you commit yourself to something like this?

Third Proof – Affiliate program

We also thought that their Affiliate Challenge program was an old tactic as well. By having an Affiliate Challenge program you need to obtain more referrals than your competitors, or other people. This way you will make sure you win, the bigger the number of people you bring to Cryptolux the more amount of money you earn.

It is like a pyramid scheme where you get different types of CLX tokens in accordance to how many referrals you have…this is an old way to scam people that has been recycled over and over again.

Fourth Proof – Terms and Conditions

You can usually spot a scam website by reading their Terms and Conditions or even their Privacy Policy. The website offers both of them, and they look very suspicious to us. They do not even have their address listed, as it is mandatory to have. They do not have a list of advisors either, so you do not really know who you are talking to at any times.

Cryptolux Review Conclusion

We genuinely believe that you must be aware of where you put your money in order to make an investment. This new website called Cryptolux is scam, so we will urge all of you, potential investors to do your homework and do some research on that platform, as it seems like a great deal, no doubt, but is it a real deal?

Cryptolux is scam, a new fraud, but we also think that is an old and recycled version of many previous scams, as it doesn’t even offer you anything new. So, if you have a look online you will probably be able to find other companies that could possibly work out best for you, for your time and for the money you are willing to invest. Do not be all discouraged, we are sure you will soon find a company that is worth your investment.

So, just to be clear, we are very suspicious of a company called and we are especially suspicious to what they claim they can accomplish in such a short period of time. Besides of this reason, have you met anyone who has dealt with this company?

Are you going to be the first one amongst your friends to jump on the Cryptolux’s pool? Be very aware of their old and deceiving tactics, especially as you will be investing your hard earned money. Do not let them stress you out by thinking you need to invest your money in them now, take your time to do research. Analyze the situation and to see whether you would like to participate on a scam like this one and perhaps even damage another person’s life, or if you would like to stay out of it at all costs!

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  1. Sarah, in this scam you forgot to mention that they talk about CLX as if it is going to be the new Ethereum or NEO lol! Scammers everywhere! Good article as always


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