Cryptohopper Review – Scam or Legit?

Cryptohopper is a trading bot designed to make the trading process easier, helps the traders experience trading and earn, and reduces losing chances. But the question is this robot legitimate or a scam. There are lots of cryptocurrency trading bots online, but only a few are working with regulated brokers. 

We have written this review to prove to warn users about Cryptohopper. This bot is a scam, and people should stay away from it. Finding a reliable trading bot is not easy. You need to be very careful when choosing where to put your money. Continue reading this review and decide for yourself if this semi-automated bot is worth investing in or not. 

What is CryptoHopper?

The Cryptohopper trading robot is founded by Ruud Feltkamp, an actor, and Pim Feltkamp, a web developer. The two combined their skills, experiences, and ideas to develop a trading bot that trades automatically. It provides a semi-automated trading bot that enables traders to trade using the bot only and depends mainly on the robot’s trading algorithms. 

Their official website of Cryptohopper also claims that it can track the prices of all the coins available simultaneously. It can sell the coins at the right time, once it has reached the profit target. This is not possible if a human being is handling it. 

How does it work?

Cryptohopper can function as both a semi-automated and fully-automated crypto robot. If it is fully automated, the robot will automatically do all the work for the traders from investment research and trading. In semi-automated, the bot carries the research and delivers tradable insights to the investors. 

According to Cryptohopper, it offers high-quality trading signals. It is sourced from the best of crypto traders and recommends users to use it in their accounts. The process is referred to as copy trading and is famous in stock and forex trading. 

The robot also claims that your profits will be 500 times bigger than your capital, which we find quite suspicious. With our experience in trading, even reliable software cannot achieve that. 

Why CryptoHopper is a scam?

Cryptohopper is a scam, and we would like the people to know this before they could invest their hard-earned money in this scam. At first look, this website seems like a legal company operating with regulated brokers. But as you look deeper into its system, you will notice that there are loopholes. These are signs that this robot is a fraud. 

As we continue with our Cryptohopper review, we will show you some of the reasons why we believe this bot is not at all legitimate. 

It lacks essential information

We have mentioned above that Cryptohopper was developed by the Feltkamp brothers. For some, naming the creators is a sign that this is a legitimate app. Given that the creator is known, there is still some vital information missing. Like the telephone number of the business. Would you think it is normal for a company not to have a telephone number? Upon verifying the company’s Tax number, we have found out that it is fake.

Fake testimonials

You might have read numerous reviews and comments about the Cryptohopper trading robot, but you still have doubts about whether it is safe or not. Checking the testimonials could be another way to check whether it is legit or not. Sad to say, it looks like the testimonials are fake. It does not have any real name and images on it. 



Cryptohopper valuing is relatively high. You can register for free, but you cannot start trading without paying the monthly fee of $99. The price is reasonable considering the guarantees they display on the site for exceptional yields. But the truth is people will be losing their money in this app. The robot will link you with questionable brokers, and then you need to pay the monthly fee. You will be asked to deposit the amount you want to trade on. Wait as the robot and brokers work and steal your money. 


Cryptohopper is a scam. It is not as free as what it claims it is. You need to pay the monthly fee to trade. It does not have proof that people are profiting using this robot. Legitimate trading software can provide concrete evidence that people can generate money. The testimonials and comments are fake. So, stay away from this dark foundation because it is not safe at all. 

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Is Crypto Investor a scam or legit?

This review revealed that this trading robot is a scam. 

How much can I earn with Crypto Hopper?

Unfortunately, you will not earn from this app. They claim that your earnings will depend on how much you invest, but it is a lie. 

How much should I deposit to start earning?

They will ask you to deposit at least $250, which is the minimum amount. But we suggest you should not invest in it. 

How to withdraw my profits?

You cannot withdraw your profit with Cryptohopper as they will not allow you to do so. They would make a lot of excuses for why you cannot withdraw your money. 

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