CryptoBitForex is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive CryptoBitForex review will open your eyes to reality of forex trading. Before you make an investment, please read our review for the newest report. If you are wondering if this is a legit company or a scam, you will be surprise with our answer. We know you are aware that internet is flooded with fake apps and investment sites.

Although some are legit, the number of fake and money stealing company are much higher. If you are looking for the best company that will provide you the profit you have been looking for, you should know how to determine if CryptoBitForex is scam or legit.

Before you sign up and deposit some money to Crypto Bit Forex, let us first give you a warning. This company is a HYIP and we are sure that you know by now that all HYIP does not last longer in the industry. This app is scam and we are writing this CryptoBitForex review to warn the people that they should not trust it at all. A number of people were victimized by this scam and we want to warn others that they should stay away from this. All of these scam websites have something in common. They steal your money by encouraging you to sign up and invest on the company.

Just like other scam websites CryptoBitForex has encouraging website and a nice design. They tried their best to make it look legit. But sad to say they are not. How to determine which is legit and which are not?

Continue reading our CryptoBitForex review and you will find out why we considered this business a bogus. There are some questions in this review that you might be also what you have in mind. So before giving this firm a chance you should read this first.

CryptoBitForex is Scam – Three Evidences

According to them CryptoBitForex is registered in the UK as a business. Most of the HYIP scam is registered in the UK because they are not strict in registering a business. However, the registration does not mean that you are legit. It is only for the purpose of collecting tax. If the business fails or was not able to make money, nobody is regulating them or watching them. The business registration in the United Kingdom is useless.

Before you go any further here is an introduction to what can offer. First of all it’s a HYIP that promises an ROI between 4% -20% and it spread out in different investment time periods. The website provides you an assurance that you will generate money and that they will always pay you.

Sound impressive and encouraging but wait until you reaches the bottom of this review. CryptoBitForex high yield investment program offers wealth that many of us want to achieve. The question is can it really provide such enormous earning?

Let’s continue with our CryptoBitForex review by presenting to you the evidences that will prove the firm is scam.

First Evidence – Anonymous Owner does not reveal the name of the owner or developer. The question is why they did not mention the owner’s name? It is a vital thing that most people check to determine the credibility of the website. We tried checking the website at and they have an anonymous website registration and they did not provide also their address. It is an indication that CryptoBitForex is scam and they might be hiding something. They are not divulging the name of the owner so people would not know who to pursue. A legit investment company will be happy to present the people responsible for putting up a business and proud of their success.

Second Evidence – How Long they Can Survive

We all know that HYIP companies like CryptoBitForex will not last longer in this industry. The reasons may vary from not having enough members, to bankruptcy and sometimes they will not divulge the reason for closing down.

The truth CryptoBitForex is not investing your money. They simply collect it from the members and wait for more members to sign up. They pay the older members their first withdrawal coming from the money they have collected from the new members. Thus, if they don’t have enough money to pay the members they will not inform the members and simply disappear.

Third Evidence – No Proof that they are Paying

If CryptoBitForex is a legit company they would have presented some proof that the business is paying. But they were not able to provide a report that they are paying their members. is scam and is quite new in this industry. As mentioned most HYIPs do pay in first few months to attract more people and increase trust with the public. Once they have reached the maximum success they will steal the money and close down. There are some people who have joined CryptoBitForex and got paid. But now these members are complaining, they were not able to withdraw their money. So, as a warning before investing into this sort of firm makes sure you have checked its credibility.

CryptoBitForex Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that CryptoBitForex is scam, the scheme is nothing but a fraud and people should not invest their money on it. The evidences of being a scam are obvious and there is no doubt it is a bogus firm just like others. Let this review serve as warning never trust an HYIP company.

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