Crypto Software is Scam! Cryptocurrencies Review

Is Crypto Software a scam? A lot of people who are recently discovering the world of trading will see Cryptosoft website and believe it is all true. They will see something like this app and think of it in terms of salvation…a financial salvation that is. They will use it as a escape from their economical problems, without realizing or even thinking properly, that this may be, in fact, quite a serious scam that must be avoided at all costs.

If you are one of those people who do not know much about Cryptocurrencies, scams, or even trading, then we urge to continue reading this review, you might end up saving yourself and your money from being given to the wrong hands.

We are here to find out whether Crypto Software is genuinely real and making everything they claim come to life, or if it’s just another cryptocurrency scam that you need to avoid at all costs.

What is Crypto Software?

Crypto Software is an automatic cryptocurrency software that according to its owners it has been developed by mathematicians and financial analysts in order to provide the best and most accurate service.

How does it work then? Every time you invest cash into Crypto Software’s app, the software will automatically exchange your cryptocurrencies for you. Apparently, once the software starts trading you will not be able to have a say on where you would like to invest, as they will choose everything for you. But what if the investment is not profitable? What if whatever Crypto Software has and believes is the right investment is simply not a good financial investment for you?

But is it really? We will tell you everything you need to know about Crypto Software and all the information they publish that has raised concern about its true validity.

Crypto Software is scam?

First Proof – Founder

One of the first reasons that gives Crypto Software away as a scam is the fact that nowhere on their website you will be able to find information about its founder or owner.

You will only get his name, which is -apparently- Thomas Green. If you have been reading many of our reviews on different softwares and applications you will soon see a visible pattern. Thomas Green, Simon Green, Simon seems like all of the owners of these fake websites are named similar! Is it a coincidence? Or is it simply a case of scam? They are very popular and common names, we know that for sure, however, they usually just state their names and that is it, you will not receive any more information about them.

Second Proof – Profits

Crypto Software’s website claims they have created more than $25,000,000.00 in benefits over the last month or so. If this is true to the case, where has that money gone to? Are we able to see some Excel or data to support this claim? Do we have to believe in their words without actually seeing any evidence?

If it sounds too good to be true, then it is likely too good to be true. This is a great amount of number, no doubt about it, but we do not think any App or Cryptocurrency software could ever generate this amount of money, especially in less than 30 days.

Third Proof – Reviews

You may argue back and tell us ‘’But look at all of the reviews Crypto Software has on their app’’ Well, yes, we understand this point very well, as they do in fact have many (positive) reviews. But ask yourself these two questions:

 a) Why don’t they have a single negative or neutral review? Isn’t it weird for you? Even in the best case scenario, Cryptosoft cannot satisfy 100% of its clients!

 b) Don’t you think all of the reviews sound pretty much the same?

We have found out that many of these cryptocurrencies scams pay for unknown actors and actresses who are willing to say everything they can to sell you a product. What’s worse is the fact that they only get paid $5! And how much money will you lose if you invest in comparison?

Fourth Proof –Guarantees

Crypto Software’s app guarantees you will earn more than $5,000.00 in less than 24 hours. So, you could possibly be making $25,000.00 in a week? Or more than $100,000.00 in a month? Sounds good, sounds incredibly good to be fair.

Which is why this is fake and Crypto Software is scam. We mean it, you could easily fall for this amount of money, we know it’s appealing, but this is not true. Not app (that has been given away for free) will let you make more than $100,000.00 a month and not even keep a small percentage of this amount of money.

Besides, if you really and still believe in CryptoSoftware’s promises, then don’t you think at least a member of the government would have had a look into this particular app? It is very weird that all government around the world would allow people – or thousands of people as Cryptosoft website claims- to become millionaires by not doing anything at all. It sounds weird, it is weird.

Crpyto Software Review Conclusion

Cryptosoft app is only here to try to take money away from you. They claim they have actually made so many people millionaires, but do you truly believe them? Do you personally know any of those new millionaires? No? We don’t either. Crypto Software is scam. 

This is why we are very cautious about websites like the one of CryptoSoftware, and this is why we also ask you to be very vigilant with your money. Do not give it away, especially if you are not completely sure.

Hey, you wouldn’t be here reading this Crypto Software review if you were 100% sure about your investment in Cryptosoft, don’t you think? So do not stress over it, pat yourself on your shoulder because you made the right decision of finding information out first, before giving them money that you are likely not to ever see it again.

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To date, we have settled more than 3,000 trading disputes and we won’t stop until the point that we set each and every scam out of the trading industry.

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