Crypto Shield is Scam! Trading Software Review

If you have encountered Crypto Shield recently and you want to know more about it, this review is for you. This post is written to warn traders about this suspicious automated cryptocurrency program and to prove that CryptoShield software is a scam. But more particularly giving information about daily traders not to join the scam.

Unfortunately, this system is nothing more than a poorly made scam developed to manipulates new traders and steal their money. According to the scammers you can get $1500 every day by simply using this application. But, upon our investigation we have discovered that Crypto Shield is scam.

This Crypto Shield review will reveal several misinformation, fake testimonies, and other scamming factors. All directing into the direction of a fraud trading software. This post will tell you in details what makes this software totally fake. There are three important evidences that we will show you and will fully expose the fraudulent act of such platform. Continue reading this review and so you can keep your hard-earned money protected against these scammers. We will unleash the truth and keep you updated on the latest tactics of these fraudster.

The Crypto Shield is Scam – Three Evidences

First Proof – Fake Developer of Crypto Shield

Maybe the most ridiculous claim made by these scammers is that the developer and CEO of this fraud app is the man named Anthony Hopkins. Does the name sound familiar to you? Of course, he is one of the best Hollywood actor. And we are sure that is the first thing that will enter your mind. The actor is popular and is sometimes called Hannibal one of his character in the movie. Definitely, he is not the one that developed Crypto Shield software.

First of all, no two persons can have the identical name. Using the name of a world famous actor in a scam system can pose a bigger problem for anyone who tries to refute the identity of the man in a promotional video. We tried searching for the man with the same name with Anthony Hopkins. Google gives us different photos of all the people bearing Anthony Hopkins name but we cannot find the picture of this man in their promo video. Also, we cannot find any Anthony that is associated with this program other than those directly connection to this scam.

Also, in the promotional video, we are welcomed by nothing more than a voice and a photo, but not the actual person and the actual shot of this man. It is their way of hiding the real identity of these scammers behind this platform. Keep in mind never trust an anonymous trading app. An anonymous app is not registered or licensed, which is a big problem. This app is not allowed to perform any sort of trading nor it is legally allowed to get your money.

Second Proof – Fake Reviews and Brokers

The whole platform website is full with clearly fraudulent, fictitious, and totally made up reviews from the so called happy customers and users. All of their reviews and user testimonials we see on their website are overly positive, which is unbelievable. It is impossible to please everybody no matter how reliable your product is. Also, we noticed that the images are taken from the stock image website just like the one they used for Mr. Hopkins. In short the testimonials are not real just like the alleged CEO. They were created by the familiar individuals who are behind the fraud software that you will see online.

Another apparent sign that Crypto Shield is a scam is the brokers here are all fake. We found out that there is no single trusted broker associated with this massive heap of trash. This is quite obvious to us since it is an anonymous software. This kind of application is impossible to licensed or regulated, which is also the same with the broker. An unregistered and unlicensed system such as this is not associated with a credible and legitimate broker. The people you see in this application are fake brokers and their main goal is to steal your money.

Third Proof – Cloned Software

Another clear evidence that will prove Crypto Shield software is a scam is that they are a cloned program of Gates Way. This is yet another cryptocurrency trading that we checked a few days ago. We are very sure that the similar program is running both of these scam application. A clear proof is that they forgot to replace the name Gates Way with Crypto Shield many times in their website. This prove that Crypto Shield is a scam using a new and reinvented name and color. Do not be fooled by this new bogus it will only steal your money and empty your pocket.

Actually, after we made a thorough research on other system we have discovered that there are lots of them that use the same platform and they are all bogus. Some of the software are Liberty BTC System, the Bitcoin Club and others. We also found out that real users of this trading platform loses lots of money from this software. Most of the fake programs apply the same principles and all of them are using fake system to make it look legit and working but they are not.

Crypto Shield Review Conclusion

Crypto Shield software is a scam and this Crypto Shield review proves that you should not trust this app. Dragging the identity of a popular actor makes us suspect that there is something wrong with this application and we are right. The software makes use of Anthony Hopkins hoping to attract more people to invest their money in the system. To make it even more convincing they use images of people and create fake testimonials. But instead of getting more investors, they are losing some of them because they have found out that the characters are fictitious and fake.

If you find this Crypto Shield review helpful to you, feel free to share this post to other traders.

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