Crypto Robo Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

CryptoRobo is the latest crypto investment robot introduced at the end of this year. This review is written to expose how dangerous this website is. As you continue reading this post, you will understand why we consider this app a scam. 

The software was said to be introduced by Walter Zubringer.  But it looks like that this is not his real name. We listed in this article the reasons why this software ended in our list of scam apps. Upon reviewing Crypto Robo, we found several scamming elements. It does not take us long to figure it out as they are apparent on their site. 

What is Crypto Robo?

Crypto Robo claims to be a software that lets you auto trade cryptocurrencies and earn. According to them, trading is done without human intervention. Thus, it eliminates human error. 

The software was developed by someone named Walter Zubinger. They claim to provide the best trading strategies that perform well at the highest level, assuring investors the capability to earn more passively. With this automated app, new and professional traders can trade even without any knowledge of trading. But how legitimate is this software? 

How does it work?

You need to register on the platform. You will be guided on how to do it on the website. After signing up, you will be redirected to the local broker, and you will be asked to fund your account. 

The supposed to be brokers will do the trading on your behalf. Crypto Robo will forward the order to the broker. According to them, their brokers have the legal rights to transact and are reliable. As we continue to review the site, we have found out that the brokers they are working with are not regulated.

The brokers claim to offer clients leverage to allow the traders to generate a reasonable sum of money from a small trading account. This app operates with leverage up to 1:5000, which means traders can trade positions up to $5000 for the dollar you invested. The amount you can get from trading using the app is quite enticing but is it safe to trade with Crypto Robo?

Why Crypto Robo is a scam?

Crypto Robo promises to provide generous earnings if you trade using the app. But, there are questionable things we discovered on their website during our investigations. We have listed three of the apparent flaws. 

Fake Walter Zubinger and fake testimonies

One of the apparent reasons why we consider Crypto Robo is a scam is its fake developer. According to its website, Walter Zubinger is the owner of the software. Sadly, we found his image on Shutterstock. It’s either the scammers bought his image or used it for free. The real owner remains anonymous. 

Crypto Robo

The website is full of fake personalities. Even the images on their testimonial page are fake. These photos were taken from a photo bank like Shutterstock. Like the woman in the picture named Kennedy M, would you think “Kennedy” is a girl name? Also, we have found the same image in LinkedIn with a different name. 

Crypto Robo Reviews

Impossible success rate

Crypto Robo claims to have a 99.4% success rate, a feat that is impossible to achieve. Not even the most reliable and trusted can provide. If an app you are interested in investing in claims to have a high success rate, do not believe them at all. The possibility that this site is a scam is very high. 

We are also searching the site for proof that it really provides a generous income. But, unfortunately, we were not able to find legitimate evidence. The app claims to work with world-class brokers, but no evidence shows they partner with a regulated broker. 

A demo account that requires a deposit

If you want to test a trading app, you use the demo account since it does not require real money to trade. With Crypto Robo, it’s a different story. We tried using their demo account and we were asked to deposit the minimum amount of $250 to start using the demo feature. Why would you fund a demo feature? It does not make any sense. 


Crypto Robo is a scam, and you should not trust the site at all. Remember, you are trading to earn more money, not to lose them. The proofs presented in this review are enough reasons that you should never trust this site. Before investing in any trading app, make sure to check the software thoroughly. Reading reliable reviews can help but keep in mind that not all reviews are real. Some were affiliated with the scammers and were paid to do it. 

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Is it safe to trade using Crypto Robo?

No. Trading with this app is not safe at all. 

How much is the minimum deposit required to trade using Crypto Robo?

The minimum deposit is $250. But, we are not recommending that you do so.

Is Crypto Robo a legit website?

No. this software is not legitimate and is not connected to any regulated brokers. Never trust this website if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money. 

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