Crypto Mining Group Review – A Scam Bitcoin Trading Platform

Crypto Mining Group is an investment and cryptocurrency trading platform. The site claims to be created by a team of experts equipped with Artificial Intelligence. Their bots were developed by the team that is continuously evolving and adapting to the markets.

We find this app interesting, so we decided to review it to find if this software is legit or a scam. To some, Crypto Mining Group is a reliable site. We almost believed them. During our evaluation, we have found some loopholes enough to make us say that it is a scam. Included in this post are pieces of evidence to prove our claim.

What is Crypto Mining Group?

Crypto Mining Group operates in forex. It operates in the stock market and is quite conservative, avoiding losses. This does not mean there will be no negative operations. It is impossible as there is always a risk in trading. They claim to have balance operations so they will not lose their capital. But we doubt if they can do that.

The company works only with Bitcoin in investment creation, withdrawals, deposits, and broker balance expansion. All the transaction is done using BTC. They claim that by doing this, you will not miss out on fees or commissions for trading.

How does it work?

Like other trading apps, the first thing you need to do is register and sign up. Then you will be asked to deposit the minimum amount required, which is $100. Once you are redirected to its unregulated broker, all you need to do is wait. Crypto Mining Group has a system that combines 3 Quantum trading bots, equipped with Quantum Artificial Intelligence.

The app offers 8% and 12% profit every month, which we doubt if they can provide. According to them, the performance can be monitored in real-time by clicking operations.

Why Crypto Mining Group is a scam?

Crypto Mining Group promises to provide you 5% to 15% profit, which they cannot offer. According to them, the process works Monday to Friday and invest automatically once you paid the minimum amount.

However, when evaluating the system, we notice some loopholes that lead us to believe that it is a scam. Here are pieces of evidence to prove this app is a scam.

Ponzi scheme

We all know that the Ponzi scheme is a scam when the company cannot pay its members. Crypto Mining Group has no product or services to offer to its member. Their primary source of money is the $100 minimum deposit that each member pays.

Although, when the recruitment of members slows down, this is where the problem starts. They cannot pay their members, and sooner they will issue bankruptcy and closes down.

Unregulated crypto company

Crypto Mining Group is not regulated in any country, which makes it a scam. Any financial institution should be registered in a financial regulatory authority it is operating. Since their office address is in the UK, we checked FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), but it is not listed.

We also checked other financial regulatory authorities, they are not listed. A financial company can operate legally if it is registered. If not, do not invest.

Unknown owner

To determine who owns the website, we have checked them at Whois, but it looks like they want to remain anonymous. Not a single piece of information was provided that could lead as to the owners. A scam software keeps their identity so people would not know who to complain about. A legit and reliable site will not hide its information from its members.

Crypto Mining Group Review

The website will expire soon. If you have funds on your account, make sure to withdraw it if you can, or you will never get it at all.


We have some proofs that Crypto Mining Group is a scam. If you have plans on investing your money in online trading, do not invest in this Ponzi scheme. Any trading site using a Ponzi scheme is considered a fraud because of the process involved. The site is not regulated by any licensing organization.

They are also offering affiliate commissions. This is the reason there are good reviews about them because they are paid for doing this. Trust only sites that provide an honest review. If the Crypto Mining Group scams you, feel free to comment below.

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Is Crypto Mining Group safe?

Not. Crypto Mining Group is a scam, so you should trust them. Do not waste your hard-earned money on investing in their platform.

Is Crypto Mining Group regulated in the US?

It is not regulated anywhere in the world, so Crypto Mining Group is considered a scam.

What is the minimum amount to deposit to start trading?

The minimum amount required to trade is $100.

⊛ Do you have any extra proofs? Please share them in the comments below ⊛

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