Crypto Master Bot 2.0 Review – Scam or Legit?

Crypto Master Bot 2.0 is the new version of the old Crypto Master. The two versions are both scams, and we will prove that in this review. Crypto robots are increasing in number fast, and most of them are operating without regulated or licensed brokers. They claim to be partnering with a legitimate group of brokers, but in reality, they are not.

We have made this Crypto Master Bot 2.0 review not to promote another bot but to save people from losing their money. As you continue reading this review, you will find out why we consider this crypto bot a scam, and you should stay away from it.

What is Crypto Master Bot 2.0?

As compared to other cryptocurrency trading bot, the Crypto Master Bot 2.0 is not automated. They are claiming that they apply the same technologies and better than their competitors. However, it will never provide the results a legal crypto robot does. This robot is based on high-frequency trading that utilizes an algorithm in detecting market changes.

In reliable crypto robots, high-frequency trading refers to a quick analysis of big data. After analyzing and processed the emerging news, deals are placed, and the traders will receive his earnings. However, the bot’s developer has no intention of giving any payouts, which makes it a scam, and it will never provide you with profit.

How does it work?

Most of the fraud software uses a technology that will help boost their popularity and get support from people thru investments. This technique is known as hype marketing. However, Crypto Master Bot 2.0 does not apply this marketing strategy. It is giving the user a hard time determining if this is a legal bot or not. But, before you engage in any trading platform, make sure that it is safe.

The new sales page of Crypto Master Bot 2.0 features a video instructing how the process goes, from registering to trading. There are lots of information provided on what you will encounter while using the system. However, all the data presented in the video are not real. You will not know that this is a scam bot if you will not look closely and investigate what we do and came up with this review. To see if it is a scam or not, you need to register and experience it yourself.

Why Crypto Master Bot 2.0 is a scam?

This part of our Crypto Master Bot 2.0 review will show the pieces of evidence we have gathered during our investigation. According to them, their algorithm can execute trades by analyzing different charts in a matter of seconds, which is impossible. They are trying to convince people that they are exceptional, but they are not. Below are the proofs we have collected to prove this robot is a fraud.

Anonymous website

One of the determining factors of a legitimate trading platform is the developer. People can check whether it is legit or a scam by checking the background of its creator. Unfortunately, the scammers who created Crypto Master Bot 2.0 do not want to be known, so they remain anonymous. Those who are new in trading would easily believe what this robot had to say.

Crypto Master Bot 2.0 Review

According to the video on the sales page, after registering and provided all the data needed, you will be redirected to a regulated broker, but that is not the case. Yes, you will get phone calls but from unregulated brokers like CCDFBank or Capital4Bank. Their role is to encourage you to invest.

Unaudited trading results

One thing that people would check before registering and start trading is the trading results. Sad to say, with Crypto Master Bot 2.0, there is no trading proof, so how can we trust this software if there is no proof of their work. In trading, there are social trading platforms where you can check a trader’s profiles and determine whether it is winning or losing before you can invest in it. With this software, you depend on what they claim which is baseless and haven’t proven anything.

No SSL encryption

Also, the site has no regulatory guarantee. Aside from this, it does hot have SSL encryption, which endangered the information you provided on the website. Finally, the way the site operations on finding funds is a significant security issue. If Crypto Master Bot is a legitimate product, it would have found another method of providing funds for itself and not depending on cheap traffic via a bait-clicking commercial. A legit company would apply for a credit line at the bank or via crowd-funding. But to do this, the company should be operating legally – which is not the case for this bot.


The above evidence proves that Crypto Master Bot 2.0 is a scam and traders should stay away. They try to look like a legit site by creating this new version of their site, but it remains a scam. It does not even have a testimonial page where people could check the comments of the previous users. If you want to save your hard-earned money, do not trust this site.

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Is Crypto Master Bot 2.0 a scam?

Definitely, it is. Being anonymous and not having proof of trading results is a clear manifestation that it is a scam.

Is Crypto Master Bot 2.0 safe?

Obviously not. Nothing is safe with a scam website.

Is there a mobile app available for Crypto Master Bot 2.0?

We haven’t found any app for this software

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